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On that same day, late at night you two were at the airport. Or rather - on your way to the airport. You still couldn't believe that you agreed to tag along, you thought it was the emotional you talking when you said you'd go with him. But now you're in the car you couldn't go back on your word, you might actually have fun on this trip forgetting all your responsibilities, and maybe Daisuke has been wanting to get away. This is the most you've seen him excited about something, even just watching normal TV. His father was never around of even bothered to show him what a kid is meant to feel like. If Daisuke ever had a son or a daughter, will he treat them different or the same as his father? By far he was already different from his father, he never had anyone close to him besides you. Now that you think about it, he's never meet with the woman he was supposed to earlier today.

The island you both were going was a day long to get there, Daisuke wanted to leave at night that way you both could arrive in the morning tomorrow. Since your days were busy you always would go to bed early, you were already feeling tired even though you're barley in the car. You closed your eyes as the car moving was putting you to sleep. "We've arrived Mr Suzuki." Daisuke was on his phone the entire time looking very focused that he didn't speak a word to you during the whole car ride. You opened your heavy eyelids seeing you weren't in front of an airport building like a normal car would be parked. You lifted up your head seeing the car was parked in an open area with a private jet with the stairs ready for Daisuke. Now this woke you up seeing bodyguards near the black jet talking over their earpiece seeing them walk over to the car opening your door extending out their hand to you. "That won't be necessary." You were about to take the bodyguards hand but didn't realize that Daisuke was already over at your side putting down the man's arm bowing his head stepping out of the way. Daisuke extended his hand to you which you took stepping out of the car. He held your hand leading you to his jet which amazed you, you thought Daisuke was going to get you first class on a normal airplane. The way the lights inside were on was just cool to look at night. "Everything is set and in place for your comfortable flight Mr Suzuki." Daisuke ignored him and just when he was going to step on the stairway, you pitched him slightly as he hissed looking back at you seeing you nod your head at his men to say thank you.

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