CHAPTER 13 - Of Fire Against Earth

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Note: Oh, my gosh! Do you see that picture up there? Yes, my dear friend JonaDaylight  drew it for this book. She is a super talented artist and writer, also an amazing friend I made on Wattpad. I cannot thank her enough for this art. Do check her profile out. She has an amazing fantasy book where all the humans are extinct. Heartfelt thank you for this, Jo!
P.S. Look at Amelia lol. I died laughing. 

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"So, do you want me to take you to the Liberan embassy or to the ball?" Una enquired at us when we reached closer the spot where the tree had befallen. It was just a couple of hours short of sunrise, the sky covered in a golden-bluish haze. I wasn't sure whether Violette and the rest would be waiting for us or not, and even if they weren't, the Libra Embassy was just a short walk away from the Gemini's.

"Ball," We both chorused together, Serena in the middle of a yawn.

"Ball, it is."

We passed the newly resuscitated birch tree, and I saw Una gazing at it, her head turned in its direction. My eyes met Serena's and she pursed her lips, her brown eyes scheming.

Serena asked in what seemed like a rather unnecessary attempt of distracting the Lady, "Una, were most of the Defensors trained together at Terraskee? You all seem like good friends."

Una answered craning back her neck slightly towards Serena, "Well, not all. I was a few years ahead of Orella, Eaton's brother Angus, and Adrian's sister Arlette. But I knew them nevertheless. But I was good friends with Nigel, Terran, Gareth, Adrian, the Gemini twins, and also Eaton. For a while. I was mostly trained with the girls so I never really could hang out with them."

"And what about the Summer's Defensors?" I asked suddenly intrigued.

She snorted before she answered, "Well, since the Summer Realm does not send their fire babies over to train at our establishment, no one really knows them," she shook her head and added, "But we do know now, that the King of their Realm is an oaf." We all burst out laughing at her words, heartily agreeing.

We reached the Gemini embassy's palace and entered hastily inside. Searching for our team, I instructed Serena, "I will check out the grounds once, you look around the other card-rooms. If we don't find them, let's just go back to our chambers." She nodded in response and moved past me to enter another room.

"I'll come with you, come on." Una said and in a stride was ahead of me. The ballroom was scarce of people, most of them lazing on the couches. I heard snores from a corner and couldn't help but chuckle. As I stepped out in the open ground again, I felt a sense of déjà vu encircling me. We walked past a group of people huddled around a bonfire, and turned around, finding ourselves in the backyard of the palace. It was a wide-open space, teeming with huge trees on one side and some wooden chairs and tables neatly arranged near the back-door.

"I think they left," I shrugged and turned to look at Una. Her dark eyes glowing in the faint blackness of the surroundings. What caught my eye, was the glowing red-ruby of her wand, stuck to her side pocket.

"Why do you have a red-ruby wand?" I asked silently.

"Because I'm from the House of Virgo, silly," she huffed.

"Oh, right."

So, the woman who was being held captive the other day must also be from Virgous, if the wand that I had found discarded on the ground, truly belonged to her. Should I inform Una? But what if it was the black soldier's wand? I dismissed the idea instantly.

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