On The Right Time

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On The Right Time
(a poem by ms. demon)

A night dark sky
You inside of my mind, I'm getting shy
My heart is racing, I don't know why
I'm amazed by your beauty
Nothing seems so wrong, it's perfectly
You're always pulling me, like you has a gravity

She has this something
Her eyes is sparkling
As it gaves me tingling
I can't describe what I'm feeling
As the birds in the sky start singing

Poetic on its own
An answered prayer of my own
This is all I'd need as we shown
Remembering your smile wider as mile
It makes me smile
Couldn't find the answer why
In the meantime,
At this moment of time!

I want to be yours
No room for words
You and I 'till it ends
And let's make it mends

I want to give you all
I want to make a call
So I could tell you what I shall
That I fall
Behind this wall
All I can do is recall
Those stolen glances and all

You smiled at me as I smiled at you
Our eyes are locked
You hold my stares
So secure and safe
Every dimension
Stained in my mind
I see your heart
You feel my smile
Your thoughts are mine
Both souls refined

We will find our way
This one spend
In reminisce of today
I'll look back with gratitude
As you've changed me in ways
And everyday
I'll say your name when I pray
Wishing you're always okay

Because you love me
When I couldn't find the love for myself
You came at the wrong time in this lifetime
And you showed me
The right love in the wrong time
I couldn't find the answer why

Forever intertwined
My hand in yours
We have this moment
And we have many more
Our time is worth
Our life was ours
And I savor the now
No room for words
Just a silent vows

Nothing seems to be over
Neither in the past
Nor in the present
In the meantime,
The present is busy
In ascertaining the future
Nothing seems to be over
Neither in the past

But in this moment,
A moment of pure completion
A full of satisfaction
There's no commotion
Just one moment when I feel as though
The world is at rest
An amazing moment I would surely,
Purely want to everlast

It keeps me alive, it frees me
From all the tiring things in this world
To breathe it in
And let it belong here
When I stopped living and just be existing
Then become a poet
And write a thousand of poem

I say my words
As I shout it in this world
That I love you my world
The time has come
This is our right time

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