Chapter 29

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"The team will be parted into two, team red and team blue"

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"The team will be parted into two, team red and team blue". One of the personnel announced and started calling our names on which team we belong to.

"Team blue- Yuri, Jake, Sunghoon, Heeseung,...". They keep on calling names for the blue team.

When they finished I just realized that I'm automatically team red together with Jay and Youngbin with the other fellow freshmen.

"I will give you 5 minutes to choose your leader first then we will proceed to our team building activity for today". They said and went back to their place.

Team red, our team quickly gathered a little bit away from team blue.

"Who wants to be the leader?". No one steps up, we just meet each other's eyes.

"Okay no one, care to nominate someone?". The whole team became loud and chaotic because of the playfully freshman that teased their friends and pushed them.

The given time will be over but they still keep on playing. I exhale deeply while looking at them.

"Can you please shut your mouth?!". But it's so for them to hear me.

"Everyone!! Are you going to shut your mouth or I will rip off your mouth?!!". The whole team suddenly became quiet because of my loud scream.

They looked at me, I realized what I did and that's so embarrassing. I lower my head and get ready to turn around and walked away when-

"I chose Lliana to be our leader". Jay raised his hand while the other hand was pointing me.

"I agree". Youngbin also said.

"Put your hands up if you agree". I slowly put up my head to see.

One raised her hand, then some of them also raised until the whole team put their hand up. I looked at them with widened eyes.

"Okay! Lliana as our leader!". I smile and gain confidence to step up.

"Let's all work together and push each other to the limit, let just enjoy the moment!". I moved in the middle and put my hands in the middle of the circle waiting for their hands to stock up.

Jay and Youngbin did it first until everyone follow, when all of hands place in the middle-

"Team red fighting, okay?". I gesture at them, earning nods from them.

"TEAM RED FIGHTING!". We all shout and go back to our place.

"So... Everyone, are you ready?!". We all shouted as if we're not tired because of the long travel time.

"For team blue, who will be your leader?". The personnel asked.

I saw Yuri push Heesung to get in front with the help of Jake and Sunghoon.

Wait, don't tell me?-

"Who is it?-". They all shout Heeseung's name while pushing each other, they all feel so hyper.

"Woah! Let's give him a round of applause, Blue team's leader!". Another chaotic moment again.

"Okay! For the red team, who will be your leade-". I didn't let the personnel finish.

I walked confidently in front, I tried to hold my laughed when I saw Yuri, Jake and Sunghoon's expression when they saw me. I move my eyes to Heeseung and saw him shocked too.

That's when I bursted out laughing. I stopped and playfully winked at him. I looked back to my teammates smiling ear to ear.

"We're all set! Let the battle begin!". We all cheered and followed the personnel to our first activity.

As expected the game tug of war can't be missed out when there are two components against each other.

They let us know the rules and let us hold the rope.

"The leader of each team should be in front". I looked at the personnel while raising my eyebrows but then walked in front.

When I looked up, I saw his eyes on me. We're facing each other, he smiles at me that makes me flustered. He bit his lower lip while looking at me.

"Okay! Everyone, are you ready?!-". I'm too busy looking at the person across. He looks so good what he's doing?!-

"1, 2, 3, GO!".

I suddenly feel a powerful force that makes me stumble, causing us to lose in just a second.

"T-that's not fair!". I yelled together with my team complaining about the other team.

"It's clear that Team blue earned 1 point! Let's go to round 2!". We go back to our position again.

Our eyes met again, I glared at him. He's using his charm to win and that's unfair!

Round 2 started, I gave all my strength to pull the rope that made us earn 1 point with the help of my teammates of course.

"Last round, this is the tie breaker. The team who's going to win will earn the point for this activity". All of us nodded.

I moved forward to arrange my hold to the rope when I bumped him. I looked up with a furrowed forehead.

"I love you". He suddenly whispered right into my ears while caressing my back neck that made me tickled and made my leg become jelly.

I was shocked because of his sudden action. I'm getting goosebumps! He's playing dirty!

"Ready, Go!". I tried to go back to myself.

I pulled the rope while grunting, I'm already full of sweat.

"Pulled!!". I shout on top of lungs to my teammates that makes them gain strength to pull.

I moved my attention to Heeseung's foot and saw that in just one step he can step in the line for us to win. I accidentally moved my eyes back to him and saw his messy hair that makes him more hot.

"Th-". I'm so speechless! He's so hot!

He's mesmerizing glare at me, I'm too busy admiring his beaut-

"Team Blue won!!". The next thing I know I landed above him.

Just then I realized that they won, I grabbed the grass aggressively while still above him. I throw the grass to his chest and get up angrily.

"You're so annoying! Ugh! I hate you!". I grinned my teeth and moved away from him.

 I grinned my teeth and moved away from him

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