Chapter Fifty- Two ||END||

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__Wang Yibo's POV__

Today's morning is unknowingly beautiful. And it became more beautiful when, morning's soft sun rays fall on Zhan's sleeping figure. It made me realize one more time, how beautiful he is and how lucky, I'm for having him.  I blocked the sun rays, when I saw he blinked few times. I don't want him to wake up this early. He needs sleep. He and our baby both need rest, the baby will land in the earth soon, it's nine and half month running already. Doctor gave the delivery date one week later.

Just thinking of this, I become happy. I'm going to be father soon and also we going have two babies. Yes, doctor said there is two babies in Zhan's womb. One is boy and another one is girl. I'm so happy. Actually not just me, everyone in our family is happy. Hearing about girl mom became most happiest because, she is going to have a partner at last in this house of mens.

"Yibo." Zhan mumbled in sleeping, his eyes is still close. He grabbed my hand, holding with his chest again went quite.

He is being childish lately. I was so confused but then, I asked Haikuan ge about this, because I never saw Zhanjin ge doing something like Zhan. I was so confused but then what Haikuan ge said, made me laugh nothing else.

He said, "Yibo!! What do you think, Zhanjin wasn't childish?? He used to act so childish when he used to be with me. You know, I also took him to the café just for cake in middle o night."

He was so serious, when he said it. It made me seriously laughed. Seeing me laughing, Ge said, I changed.

I know that. I changed because of this person holding my hands. He teach me how to smile, how to enjoy our life how to love, how to be happy how to laugh and everything. He gave me all those happiness which I never had before.

I stork his hair using my another hand. It's been over a year, we are together. It's still feel so new. My heart beats so fast whenever he come close to me. I placed a kiss on his forehead.

He blinked few times, rubbing his eyes he slowly looked at me. Lately, he couldn't sleep well, there is dark circles under his eyes. But yet, he looks beautiful like always.

"Good morning." I smiled.

He smiled back at me, "Good morning."

"How are you today??!" I asked, touching his warm cheeks.

He rubbed his cheeks with my hand and replied closing his eyes, "I'm good, when you woke up?"

"Just before you woke up."

"Yibo, you also need sleep. You also didn't sleep because, I couldn't. Also you study so hard. You do online class because you don't want to leave me alone for a second. You also need rest." He said, his tone... That tone of his voice have love, care. The fact he was yelling at me yet I was enjoying it.

I smiled and nodded.

"Don't smile. Pigboo. You never listen to me." He said, looking at me in anger.

"I do. I do whatever you say to me."

"You don't." He cut me.

How can I? How can I sleep when my wife can't sleep? How can I leave and went for class? I know, our family is always here for him, us. But, I'm his husband, I want to be with him. I know, he also love it but won't accept. Stubborn!!

"Because, I love you." I said.

"Wah, people says I do because I love you and you are saying, I don't because I love you. Nice one." He said, making his face. The face he makes it's really funny. I soo love teasing him. He is too cute.

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