(Request) Full Moon Injuries- The Marauders

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Request by: alohastitch626

Request: Awwwwwww this is so cute what about one where a Marauder themselves and they get hurt and/or sick and all the Marauders have to help take care of them.

Warning: Mentions of blood and description of injury.

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You've been good friends with the Marauders since your second year at Hogwarts, three years ago, which is when you truly got to know them. However, it wasn't until last year, during your fourth year, when you found out Remus was a werewolf. It was purely by accident as well. You were minding your own business in the library when, from the other side of the bookcase you were standing in front of, you overheard Sirius, James and Peter discussing ways to get ingrediants so they could brew Wolfsbane Potion for Remus. Now at the time your brain didn't click to why the boys wanted to brew the potion for him, that was until you saw Remus the following week after the full moon. The lad was not only exhausted and looked rather ill but was also sporting a couple new injuries. A scratch across his neck and a bandaged left forearm, which you only saw because he had his sleeves rolled up. And that's when it clicked. After confronting your friends about it, they reluctantly told you. Remus, of course, expected you to find him a monster and turn your back on him but you did quiet the opposite. You engulfed him in a hug telling him how cool you thought it was.

So after that day, the boys let you in on the loop whenever it was a full moon. Tonight was no excuse. Having walked with the boys to the Shrieking Shack, using the passage under the Womping Willow, you bid them good night before walking back, careful not to get caught by any prefects or professors.

You weren't an animagus yourself and so couldn't really do much to help them, to help Remus, apart from be there when the night was over. And that was what you did. You barely slept throughout the night, too worried for their safety. And you were right to do so as when morning came and as you were on your way to the Shack to check on the boys, they ran into you.

"Oh thank Merlin you're here!" James sighed in relief but you could hear the urgency in his voice.

"Why, what happened?" You asked hesitantly. The feeling in your gut growing worse by the second. James shifted awkwardly on his feet. Attemping to look past him you could only see Peter and half of Sirius' face but otherwise Remus was completely obscured and it heightened your concern.

"It was... an intense full moon." He said vaguely before stepping to the side so you could fully see Remus. You eyes widened at the sight of him. Not only were there a couple new scratches across his face but some across his chest as well. Atleast that's what it looked like due to the specs of blood that are now seeping through his shirt. And that was what concerned you. As you looked back up to Remus he caught your gaze and offered a weak and innocent smile before shifting his weight more onto Sirius who was holding him up.

"We should go to the Hospital Wing." You urged but Remus shook his head.

"No." He refused quickly. "Pomfrey thinks I don't injure myself during a full moon anymore, not this bad anyway. We can't." He explained. The other three glanced from Remus to you waiting for your responce.

"Okay." You slowly nodded. "Let's go back to your dorm then so we can patch that up." You suggest, nodding your head at the blood on his shirt, their eyes following your head point. "At least there no one will know." Remus agreed with the idea and so shook his head, the other three nodding as well.

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