Extra Chapter : ONE

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5 years 2 months... In this five years and 2 month many things changed but, this change is for good. All changes bought only happiness for Wang and Xiao family. In this five years and two months, Zhan and Yibo had their two kids, Yi Zhen and Yi Xian. Yibo and Zhan had their second marriage without any contract. Zhan completed his graduation. Yibo also recently completed his Ph.D and also got a job as principal in a famous university.

Jackson completed his graduation and joined Wang Corporation, after Jacky joined, Mr. Wang Jian Min (Wang Dad) stopped going at office and choose to stay home so that he can play with his grand children. With this, Haikuan also started being busy always. Jacky help him but he is still learning so, Haikuan don't want to pressure him(Jacky). 3 years ago, Jackson got married with Jinyoung with all family members blessings.

It's been, three years Hao Xuan and Jiyang went Korea for their graduation. Yes, they are together in same university also they are in relationship which, they confirmed Infront of their family and everyone is happy with it. Now they are studying and living together.

Mrs. Wang Jiang Tong (Wang Mom)  is happy having a girl in family, Yi Xian. Also Mr and Mrs Wang spend most of the time with their grand children. And, not to mention Great Mr. Wang, our grandpa, he is always cry in between of laugh, but not with sadness or something. He cries because of happiness. Happiness of watching happy and blessed in family. So, in this five years and two months was quite exciting and full with happiness.

Now, let's see what Wang family is doing,

"Jin ge!! Where are you?!" Zhan came downstairs,
screaming and calling Zhanjin.

"Slow down. I'm here, Zhanzhan!!" Jin replied, waving his hand at Zhan.

Zhan went to Jin sat beside him, hugging his hands,

"Ge, I'm not feeling good."

"What happened? You okay?!" Zhanjin asked, checking Zhan's temperature with his hands.

"Aiyo ge, I'm okay. Actually, I'm missing mom and dad." Zhan said, with a gloomy face and he lend his head over Zhanjin's shoulder.

"Call then." Zhanjin said.

"No, I don't want to disturb their tour or should I say honeymoon." Zhan said, smiling.

"You naughty kid. They are gone with grandpa, they are just visiting our old house." Zhanjin said, smacking Zhan's hand playfully.

"I know. But, still." Zhan said, laughing.

"Zhaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnn!!!" Jin Young entered the house, running from outside.

"What happened? Why are you running? It's dangerous. What if you fall?" Zhanjin said, shouting at Jinyoung. As he care about his two little brother a lot.

"Sorry ge, but... But.. I don't have any choice!! Zhan, Jin ge, our garden is gone." Jinyoung said, almost crying.

"Eh...? What do you mean? What happened to our garden?!" Zhan asked in confusion.

"What happened? Nice question but, I can't answer you. So guys have to go with me and do check with your own eyes." Jinyoung said.

Zhan and Jin exchange their look and stood up. Jinyoung made way for them, welcoming them to outside. Zhanjin's and Zhan's jaw dropped, when they saw,

Haikuan and Yi Zhen (Yizhan's baby boy) is fully soaked with mud, Yibo and Zen (Kunjin's baby boy) is standing with a umbrella as a shield. And Jackson and Yi Xian(Yizhan's baby girl) is standing in middle of two teams, holding a whistle in their hand as like referee.

"Are you guys ready?!" Jackson asked.

"Best of luck, dad, uncle and my bros." Yi Xian said, smiling for both of teams.

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