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Chasing after Taka appeared to not be as easy as it was when you were both cubs. He was quick and sly in his movements now, every thought and action he made was calculated. It was very easy to tell that his brains made up for Mufasa's brawn even though you had only been reunited with him for so long.

"Taka?" You call out, but, as expected, you receive no answer. Many animals around you turn to glance in your direction before returning to their activities. You decide to approach a rhino cautiously, "Have you seen the young prince anywhere? I swear he walked by."

The rhino shook her head, her ear twitching. "But if you do end up finding him," she cuts in just as you were about to turn and leave, "Remind that fool that hyenas keep sneaking in from under his nose. Lotta good his Guard is doin'," she scoffs.

You frown curiously and nod, before scampering off in a different direction. You tried following Taka's scent, but it was no use either. It appeared you'd need to rely on seeing him, and since you have no unnatural sense like Utafiti you'd need to turn over every rock and search in every bush.

A ruckus could be heard from up ahead, so you took it upon yourself to check and see what was going on. It was Lake Matope, a common spot for crocodiles to host Mashindanos, so you figured the noise wasn't a good thing. Peeking over a rock, your fears were confirmed. Taka was standing on the edge of the water, leaning forward into Pua's, the crocodile leader, face with a snarl. The croc didn't seem too phased, but the young prince's fur bristled in rage as he yelled.

"I need you all to move out of the lake for a couple hours! These are orders from your prince!"

Pua snorted, "I don't want to be known as the croc that hurt King Ahadi's brat son, so I will kindly ask you to move along. Everyone knows this is croc territory."

The prince's claws scraped against the stone underneath him, as he bared his teeth. He looked to be barely holding himself back from doing something stupid. "It's only for a few hours!"

"Why do you need our lake anyway?"

"I'm trying to learn how to swim!" He shrieked, immediately regretting it when the crocodiles began laughing. Taka's rage quickly turned into embarrassment and shame, his tail tucking in between his legs and his ears folding back. "Stop laughing!" He tries to cease the teasing.

"You could go to any other lake!" Pua said through his laughter, "And yet here you are, trying to kick us out from our lake for a few hours!"

"The lake is mine, because I'm the prince and my father owns these lands," Taka tried to rebut the croc's words, but it only made the bask laugh louder and heartier. At this point the sun was setting, and animals were beginning to look over at the commotion, embarrassing the prince further. He 'tch'd and turned on his heel, running off once more. Except this time you had a clear view of where he was going, and were determined to keep up chase.

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