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A/N: Hey everyone! I know it has been such a long time since I have updated and it is due to my work schedule. I am so so sorry about that :(. Also, I plan to end this book soon since I am running out of ideas, so if you have any suggestions please let me know!! *Note: I have not watched all seasons of grey's anatomy which is why I am out of ideas. * Anywho, Thank you for patiently waiting, and here is chapter 23!


Y/n's POV:

It's been three years since I have moved to Seoul. And let me tell you, it hasn't been all good. There have been bumps but one there is the only thing that has only gotten stronger. Taehyung and I's relationship has only gotten better. We have been dating for 2 years and 7 months. Things are going well and we have only gotten closer. We have moved in together about a year ago. My mother and B/F/N live in my old apartment together and though I don't live there anymore, I still help my mom with her rent and bills. Today is just any normal day. or so I thought...

-Time skip-

*At the hospital*

As I was waiting in the E.R. for the incoming trauma, I heard the interns run in behind me. "We have an incoming trauma, 44-year-old, who fell from a flight of stairs and is complaining of back pain and a headache," I told the interns. "Jackson and Taemin, you will be with me today. The rest of you will be on Dr. Kim Taehyungs service." I said and they nodded and left. Soon the EMS truck arrived and we took the man out and brought him into trauma room one. "Hello, I'm Dr. L/N, can you tell me what your name is?" I said and began revising him. "Micheal," "Micheal, can you tell me where your pain is at?" I said, "Yeah my head and back." "Alright, Jackson please get me a head CT, and Taemin please keep a close eye on him and begin an iv," I said and walked away.

I then began to walk to the desk when I saw a car frantically pull up on the parking lot of the E.R. Then I see two women get out of the car and run inside, "Help quickly! Someone help, My daughter," she said and I ran to the car. I saw a child in the car passed out. "She just had a seizure but now she passed out." her mother said. "Run inside and tell someone to get me a gurney," I told her and she did as I said. Soon we began to treat her. I paged Dr. Min as well as Dr. Jung to see what was the cause. When Dr. Min came in his eyes immediately widen. "Cathy, did it happen again?" he said. "Yes, but this time it lasted longer," she said worriedly. "I am going to order a CT. Then we will see how her cancer has developed," he said and walked out. "Who is she?" I asked. "That's the chief's niece. Page the chief and let him know that his niece is here" Yoongi said and quickly left. I did as I was told and soon the chief was with his family.

After a while, the CT came back with a head injury which leads to Yoongi going into the surgery along with Taemin. Yoongi had told me to stay with the chief and his niece and make sure nothing else occurred. Approximately 3 hours later, Yoongi came with the scans in his hands. "I- I am sorry, The cancer has only expanded more. I am afraid she doesn't have much time," yoongi said and soon the child had awoken. "Bad news huh?" she said with her voice being raspy. No one said anything and she spoke again. "Well, Since my time is short, can I go to prom," she said as she looked at her mother. Her mother looked at yoongi, and yoongi said, "I am afraid not, she needs to be here for at least 2 days." "Well, we will have a prom here." the chief said and soon he ordered the interns to play a prom for tomorrow night.

-prom night-

Since, the prom was mandatory, Taehyung and I was forced to attend. It would be nice. I had an emerald green dress. I was just ending my shift and had changed. "ready?" I heard someone say. I looked and saw Taehyung standing in a Tux with a green tie. "Almost, I am going to go change really quick." I said and went to the changing room, and as I was about to close the door, taehyung put his foot, "Wait I'm coming with you..." he said. I shook my head no and he chuckled and took his foot out and waited outside until I finished getting ready. Then I stepped out and he gasped. " Wow you look beautiful," he said. "Okey let's go, quickly the chief will be mad if we are late," I said and we left.

Later that night, Taehyung had asked me to dance. It was a beautiful song, "I wrote this song, it's called winter bear." he said. During the middle of the song, he stopped and stepped back. He kneeled with one knee. Pulled out a box, and said those four words, that would change our lives forever. "Will you marry me?" he said. I nodded and everyone cheered. "I can't wait till I get to spend our whole life together," he said and smiled. I nodded and I couldn't be happier. Then the chief and his niece had a dance together and everyone was enjoying it but then the niece has collapsed in his arms. Where she passed away that night. However, no one but the chief's family had noticed since the prom was too loud to no. This night was different from every other night. But it was a night Taeyhung and I would remember forever.

End of y/n POV's

Third-person POV

As the newly engaged celebrated together, they had failed to realize that there was someone else in the room looking at them with anger and rage. This person was not supposed to attend but did so anyway. They were planning their revenge against the couple that would hit them harder than anyone would expect.

a/n: sorry for the extra a/n but I will be revising this chapter!!

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