Chapter 30

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I moved to the back to hide from him

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I moved to the back to hide from him. I'm so so annoyed right now! Like why would he do that?! That's not fair, I mean I didn't say I don't want it but he should do that in the right place! Not using it for them to win.

Wait, what did I just say?!

"Ugh! So shameless, L". I mumbled to myself.

"Let's move on to the next activity!". They all started to move while I'm folding my two arms across my chest.

"Let's go!". Jay and Youngbin pulled my hands to go with them.

When we reached the next venue for the next activity I met Heeseung's eyes. I arched my brows and then rolled my eyes.

I saw that there's a round transparent thin wall. It looks like we just have a specific space to move.

"The next activity will be human knotting".

Different reactions roamed. Everyone knows that sometimes it causes minimal pain plus you get really close to other people, like hello? Who wants to get that close to others?

"Leaders will stand on that-". I looked where the personnel pointed his finger.

It's like a high chair where we can step in for us to see the knots properly.

"The team who will finish untying the knot will win, as simple as that".

The game eventually started, they already formed in knots. It's hard because one wrong move can hurt the others.

"Make it quick!". Someone screamed at me, I ignored it and focused on what I'm doing.

"Meliza, turned around to the left". I pointed to one of my block mates.

She turned and then succeeded! I smile and move on to another person.

"Jay! To your left". I said but it didn't work that caused everyone to groan.


"It's hurt so stop playing with us"

"Just do something effective"

"Such a sloth!"

They keep on murmuring, I just don't know if that's about me or because of their pain. I can't focus because their voices keep on running around.

"All of you! Shut up! If you want to win in this activity you better shut up and just trust me! You understand me?!". They became quiet when they heard me yelling.

The other team looked at us with confused faces, they looked like they wanted to know what's going on. I took the chance to move quickly.

"Tantan, to your left. Alex, turned around then to your left. Avery, go under the knot then exit between Youngbin and April...". I keep on telling them what to do that makes us finished.

We all looked at the other team, they were still struggling which means we gained 1 point!

"For the second activity, the points will be given to the Red Team!". I jumped down on the chair and went to my teammates.

We quickly formed a circle while wrapping our arms around the shoulder of each other and jumped in happiness while screaming.

We move on to the last activity for today after that ceremony. I looked down to my shoe and saw the shoelace untie, I bent down to tie it tightly.

"You got me there". He removed my hands on the shoelace and replaced it with his hand.

"Sorry but you did that first". I let him and wait for him to finish it.

"And also don't talk to me, you are playing dirty. Shoo!". I slightly pushed him when we got up and left him there.

I looked back and just stuck out my tongue while walking backwards. When I get satisfied, I go back to normal walking while giggling.

The next activity will be the escape room, I think this will be the hardest activity we just do for today. I mean I've been into the escape room many times and I'm super confident that we will win in this one.

"The last Activity for today is the most awaited one, it's Escape room!". Some of the students jumped in happiness while the others were unsure.

"There is only 1 hour for you to escape the room...". The personnel tell us the rules and something about the activity.

I get excited when I heard that this room is short of based in our course, we have to solve the murder for us to get out the room.

"Each team will be divided into two, the other one is on the left side while the other is on the right side". They pointed at each door.

We decided to have another leader on the other part of the team to guide them and I picked Jay since I know he can do that. I go to the left door together with my teammates.

There are two rooms obviously to separate the two. In one room there are two doors and that's when our team will be divided.

"Good luck to all of you, we hope you escape the room...".

Okay, that's kinda scary.

We let in the room, when we all got in the door shut off loudly.

"Oh god!". I exclaimed while my hand on my chest, we heard the lock sound. I went to the door and tried to open it but it's really locked.

All of us become quiet while roaming our eyes around the room. I go to the on mannequin that represents the murder victim. They followed me but I stopped them.

"Don't touch anything around this area. You can now start searching in that area, if you find something suspicious just say it". I said to them, they quickly got me and started to search every drawer.

I examine the victim by just looking at it. There's a mark of rope around its neck, it looks like a suicide with a neat room as in it's super neat but as I've said earlier it's actually a murder.

The room itself is so clean that it looks like there's no evidence you can get. I got up and roamed the room again just to see it properly.

I noticed the painting on the wall that doesn't fit the theme of the room, there's a magnifying glass above the table beside the painting. I took it and moved it around the painting when I saw one number on it.

"I found one number here!". I exclaimed in excitement, they quickly gathered around me and asked to give them the glass.

I let them and moved to another area. There's a laptop on the table, I bend down to open it but it's locked. I left it and moved to another area again.

 I left it and moved to another area again

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