Chapter 25

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"Come on" Asher said and continued walking the way we had ben hading but I barely listened to him. Two questions were dancing in my mind and they made me feel sick, not knowing the answer.

What had David meant when he said I wouldn't be protected if I wasn't Asher's mate and even worse what the hell did that man mean saying that the Moon Lupis pack killed there past Luna?

Did Asher have a mate?

Did he kill her?

I no longer felt safe here. The moment I got out of here I was taking Yasmin back to my pack.


I was chewing furiously at the inside of my cheek, my body tensed up. I did not feel safe down here, far from safe. "This is him" Asher's voice made me jump and I snapped my head toward him quickly.

His eyes narrowed as he watched my reaction. My heartrate quickened and my breath hitched up in my throat. I don't care if he's my destined mate, right now I'm terrified. Ever since I heard what the man said I don't feel safe.

"This is who?" I asked, my voice didn't shake which was good so I didn't show fear. He didn't speak for a moment, watching my every move before turning back to the cell in front of us. "He's one of the men who... injured you" He said through gritted teeth, staring at the guy as if he wanted to rip him to shreds.

Only now did I turn to the person who was held by silver and I winced. He was bloody marks across his chest clear he had been with and his facee was in bits. There was dry blood all over it, showing he had been punched several times.

"You're the pathetic Luna" The man chained up spat on the ground and I cringed at the flem. It was dark green and had blood in it but I held back retching. I hated that type of stuff.

"I'm not their Luna, I don't belong to this pack" My voice was strong but his expression didn't change for a moment until he finally grinned, showing all his teeth. Most of his teeth. A few teeth.

Several of them were missing, most likely from all the punches. "What do you want with Yasmin?" I pushed on and he just licked his lips and it took me everything not to pull a disgusted face.

"My my I would just love to eat you up" His eyes roamed over my body and Asher growled beside me. He walked forward closer to the cage, his eyes burning into the man's.

"Are you asking to die?" His voice was low and the man laughed.

"You're not going to let me live anyway" He shrugged as if he didn't care about his life, "But I'm just saying you should go have fun with your pretty Luna before she's ripped to shreds.".

Asher brought out the key and unlocked the cage angrily. He walked into it and threw a strong punch. When the impact of his fist collided with the mans face I heard a cracking sound and I winced.


"Why do you want us?" I walked into the cell after Asher but he stopped me, shooting me a 'Stay out' look which earned him a glare. I was a big girl, I could take care of myself. And to be honest I was almost more scared about Asher right now.

"Do you need both of us or will one do?" I continued when he didn't reply. He tillted his head after regaining focus and stared at me with interested eyes. He attempted to speak but only coughed up blood.

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