CHAPTER 16 - Of a Dragon War

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Note: With extreme delight, I bring forth the updated map. It's still rough though. 
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*Just a small tip - all the parts in the italics are not Eleni's memories per se, but just glimpses of her past for you readers. *

Also, lemme know what you think of this one - Here goes...


"Why are you awake at this hour?" The older sister asked the younger one, as the door to her room opened slightly.

"I can't sleep." The almost teenage child sniffled loudly standing on the threshold of her sister's room.

"Come here."

She crossed the length of the small room and heaved herself up on the bed beside her sister. Pulling the thin duvet over her legs, she placed her head on her sister's lap and lay sobbing gently.

"What's wrong, Amelia?" The elder sister asked, gently patting her golden hair.

"I miss mother." The answer came in a whisper.

The room suddenly filled up with unspoken words and restrained emotions. The warm spring breeze flowing through the window, caressed both of the lonely sisters.

"Me too," The elder girl whispered back, feeling her throat closing up. But she had to stay strong. No matter what. She shook her head and decided to apply her father's methods that had worked like a charm.

She said, bringing life back into her voice, "Want to hear a story?"

The small girl raised her head a little, peering up at her wise sister, and nodded.

"Do you know about the Throne?"

"The Throne of the Four Realms, yes, a little."

"Are you aware of how it crowns the Conqueror of the Four Realms?"

The small girl said with mild curiosity, "No."

The big sister smiled warmly at her, "Well, the last round of the Conquest, as you know, is the Enigma Round. The final Four Defensors have to crack a riddle and complete whatever task it mentions. At the stroke of midnight, when a new decade arises, the Throne shows itself up. It comes out of thin air in the dead of the night, hovering over the people who are watching from the land."

The girl sat up suddenly, her undivided attention on the tale, mouth opened wide with surprise, "How does it look?"

"It is magnificent and is always watching over the entire Conquest. The books and the fortunate witnesses of the past Conquests state, that when the Throne reveals itself, it suddenly goes extremely dark, it is darker than the pits of Hell. And a heartbeat later, there is a loud explosion, that glows brighter than all the diamonds combined. Once the darkness and the consequent brightness fades, the Throne shines in wild glittering colors mid-air. I am not sure how exactly, but it is the Throne that brands a true Conqueror."

"The Throne is so powerful."

"It is the source of all the Four Elements, so yes. Whoever wins the Conquest, becomes the true Conqueror of all the Four Elemental Powers."

"I want to see the Throne. Take me. When is the next Conquest?" The girl asked in urgency.

The older sister giggled softly, "Four years from now, but I don't think we can go."

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