Chapter 26

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Hi everyone, sorry for the long update❤️

~Jackson's POV

"What a beautiful night we have here, isn't it?" I whisper to one of my guards that was supposed to be in charge of keeping my house in good condition.

His body shakes violently while pleading me to end his life after an intense torture session. I grip his oily black hair and pull it down in order for his head to lift up to see the stars from the small window in the dungeon.

"You didn't answer me, I said 'what a beautiful night we have here. Isn't. It" I say gritting my teeth.

"Y-yes, please master, end me" he cries out. I walk over to him and admire my greatest creation of art work. Half of his face has been burnt off by a new acid that I got from a friend. His body is brutally beaten and covered in the red paint his body produced whenever I cut him open.

I kneel down so that we are at eye level. "Now why would I want to do that? I mean I gave you a very simple task. Keep my house in check until I come back. I come back... There is no house. Do you really think you deserve to be let off that easily?" I ask him in a genuine curious tone

He cries out even harder, I get up, feeling annoyed with his shitty dramatics. I walk behind him to get my next tool. One of my guards barges in before I can do anything.

"Boss, we got word that there is a new upcoming gang, and you'll never guess who's leading it."

I swing the shovel over my shoulder and turn to fully face my guard. My face scrunches in curiosity. I tilt my head and ask "Who?"

My guard says the name loud and clear. It causes the blood running through my veins to heat up. "Charles Henderson"

Out of anger, I take the shovel and smash it so hard against the traitor's head, it knocks him out cold. I throw the shovel to the corner of the dungeon and walk out, the guard that gave me the information, locks the prisoner up and walks with me up stairs.

I head into my office, but this time, my guard stays outside. I walk over to my desk where all my paper work and files are placed. I flip over my desk causing every paper to fly around the room.

How dare he return, after all that he has done to me and I still showed him mercy! How dare he come back again!

Before I can stop the horrid memory from coming back, the past begins to flash before my eyes and I'm taken back to the day I lost everything.

***seven years ago***
~Jackson's POV

"That was epic! I can't believe we got away with blowing up that warehouse" says a very enthusiastic Julia. I give a quick glance to my beautiful fiancé. I chuckle as she wanted to tag along on one of my missions, I highly protested against her wishes, but she won in the end after promising me a night filled with passionate love making.

After a couple of seconds of silence, I see Julia, from the corner of my eye, struggling to turn in her seat to face me. "You really need to get this car fixed, this seatbelt has been getting stuck and my noodle arms can't seem to unbuckle it." Julia says, letting out an exhausted sigh after a failed attempt of unbuckling the seat belt.

I laugh at her poor attempts and answer her." Well, my dear fiancé, the seat belt is to ensure that you never leave me because I wouldn't know what I'd do if you had to walk out on me, and if we ever get into an argument, in the car, you won't be able to walk away from me" I say with a victorious smile causing Julia to burst out laughing. She let's out an ugly snort to which I laugh. I've never been this happy. I have my soon to be bride beside me and I just completed a mission, I hope she'll be mine for all eternity.

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