Chapter 46- lies, lies and more lies

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Fred stomped into the common room where the boys were still arguing about what to do for the day.

"Who pissed in your cereal?", Lee asked Fred after throwing a couch pillow at Ron.

Ron rubbed his face. "Fuck you Lee"

Fred plopped on a chair near the boys with his arms crossed over one another. "Malfoy. Malfoy definitely was the one to piss in my cereal"

Lee who was sitting on the floor leaned his back against the couch. "Shit! Malfoy?"

Neville furrowed his eyebrows. "Wait. You guys meant literally urinating in cereal?"

Harry put his hand on Neville's shoulder. "No mate"

Fred bit his tongue in irritation. "I fucking hate Malfoy"

"What'd he do now?", asked Ron playing with the ends of a pillow.

"Him and Zabini asked me if I'd help with the party they're throwing this upcoming weekend. I agreed to do it because I mean . . . why not, right? Ohhh but THEN, that blonde weasel yelled across the hall at me "mAke SuRe BlAcKwOoDs ThErE". Like what the fuuuck!", shouted Fred making himself even more angry talking about it.

Lee's cheeks bubbled up as he held in his laughter as best he possibly could.

Ron stared at Lee making him suck in the laughs that were begging to escape.

Neville rolled his eyes at the boys. "And why does that make you upset Fred?"

Fred leaned back into the chair aggressively. "I don't know"

Harry scoffed. "I call bullshit"

Lee smacked his lips. "I was gonna say that!"

"It's not bullshit!", Fred said throwing up his hands.

"You're right it's not bullshit", said Ron shaking his head.

Fred gestured to his brother. "See! Thank you Ron"

"It's some bloody bullshit!", laughed Ron making Harry and Lee cackle with him.

Neville pursed his lips. "It might be just a little bit Fred"

Fred gazed into the ceiling wall holding back his desire to punch his younger brothers face in. "Yeah it is", he admitted.

"You still love her?", asked Neville.

Lee's eyes widened. "Right into then I guess"

Fred laughed. "I've never not loved Emberlynn"

"But you guys aren't together", spoke Ron.

Fred slowly moved his head to glare at his brother. "Correct Ronald. We're not"

"Looks to me like Malfoy wants to make a move then", Lee muttered.

"He doesn't even seem like Ember's type though don't you think?", questioned Harry.

Fred felt a bit of relief as Harry made a good point. "You're right Potter. He isn't really her type. She probably won't even be interested in him"

"That's true. Emberlynn has never liked Draco", Neville agreed.

Fred smirked. "I actually feel like this weekend is going to be quite enjoyable"

Lee smiled. "I suppose it is ginger"

Ron raised an eyebrow. "That reminded me, where's George?"

"I actually don't know. He said he was going to do his own thing today", shrugged Fred.

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