Chapter 1: Introduction

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*Ring, Ring*

*Ring, Ring*

"Ugh, hello?" Marinette groaned as she woke up from her sleep.

"Are you seriously still asleep?"

"Yes, I am it's still very early here, what do you want." She snapped.

"Hn, I'm going to Paris for a shoot."

Marinette's eyes twitched, "You couldn't have told me when the sun is up, it's freaking 3am here."

"It's up here." The person bluntly said.

"Screw you I'm going to bed!" she screamed into her phone.


"I seriously don't know how your girlfriend deals with you." She complained.

In the background she heard, "Neither can I."

Marinette rolled her eyes and shut the phone.


"You know you really should have checked what time it was before calling her." A girl complained.

"Hn, whatever by the time she wakes up we'll be up in the skies." Said one guy, "Come one let's pick up the dobe before he starts complaining."


"Think your cousin will be happy to see us?" The girl asked.


The girl then pouted muttering something about having an emotionless boyfriend.

(Back in Paris)

Marinette was not only annoyed but also tired she ended up not going to sleep after the rude awakening.

She dragged herself up the classroom and sat down at the back of the class.

"I swear the minute he steps into the bakery I will kill him." She muttered.

"Who are you talking about?"

Marinette looked up and saw that it was Chloe who asked.

"No one just my stupid cousin."

"Boy or girl?"


"Hot or not?"

"Take a look for yourself." Marinette smirked as she passed her phone to Chloe.

"Damn" She whispered, "Anyway single, taken?"

"Very much taken."


"High school but they're on break now, so that means they should be doing their modeling gigs."

"So, they're like Adrien?"

Marinette snorted and said, "Oh no no no, sweetheart no Adrien cannot even compare to them, my cousins and his friends are like top notch. The cameras love them, like they will look good from every angle. No freaking joke like my cousin's girlfriend is like a goddess her beauty is just wow, like no offense but she makes the girls in our class look like a sack of potatoes. I mean look at her."

Marinette opened a picture of her cousin's girlfriend and showed it to her.

"Woah, it should be illegal for a person to be that gorgeous, also is her hair real?"

Marinette flung her arms back, "I KNOW RIGHT. And I've met her and let me tell you that she is a freaking angel. I feel bad that she has to put up with him and yes her hair is 100% real."

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