[ 018 - Christmas ]

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My fingers hesitate on my bright colored keyboard where I had tiredly been putting last minutes touches for the paper which was due as soon as the semester started back up in January. Our professors had said that it wasn't rather important but it would fill in for another grade if we wanted it to do so. Therefor it was a perfect backup if I were to mess up on a future quiz or something else. So I had put a decent amount of time researching and figuring out what to write this paper on and then going through different ideas before settling on what I have now.

"Blake!" Will's voice shouts out with a small happy tone as his voice fills my headphones which had been previously been playing soft music and quickly a bright smile crosses my face at his extremely warm welcoming. I save my paper before minimizing the tab which I had been writing in and pull my legs up to my chest happily. "Merry Christmas." He adds with a small cheer and I can't help but giggle lightly at how happy he sounds at the moment.

"Will," I cheer happily, matching his tone just as happily and I can practically see the smile that was on his face at the moment. I spin a little in my chair as my eyes land on the monitor which is glowing in front of me and pull my knees up to my chest. "Merry Christmas." I echo happily and I can practically see the smile which was growing across his face at the moment.

"Are you busy?" Will asks me with a small and tired sounding laugh but he sounded just as happy as he spoke nonetheless. I tilt my head to the side slightly as I look at the glowing light which was shining down on me.

"Nope," I tell him with a tired yawn and grab my phone to see what time it was. To be honest it wasn't too late in the night but it was the same time that Will would usually stream. Maybe I was just tired because I had been doing so much work that I hadn't been taking to many breaks. "Not really." I told him when I see that I had gotten a handful of notifications from different apps on my phone.

"I'm streaming," Will tells me happily and I smile happily as my eyes land on the purple notification that I had missed. I kept Twitch on my phone to see what my friends were up to or to see when my other friends were doing different sorts of streams.

"Ok," I say with a small giggle at how happy he really sounded when he said so. I swipe the small notification away so it's not sitting in my Notification Center anymore. "Hello Wilbur's stream." I greeted them happily because I knew that there ought to be a few thousand people watching the stream which he was in the process of doing. "What are you playing?"

"Geo Guesser." Will tells me and I hum lightly as I hear a small sort of giggle come from him as he says so. I hear small clicks come from his mouse and smile a little more when he starts sharing his screen with me through our Discord call.

"Fun, fun." I say with a little laugh, amused at how happy he is as he moves around in the game to try and figure out which country the picture is from. I had tried to play this game on stream once and failed miserably but it was rather fun when there was nothing else to do.

"I am drinking." Will tells me and I giggle a little because I had figured by the way he sounded so overly happy and more giggly then usual. It would be hard not to believe he wasn't drunk or something along those lines. "Tubbo just made me and Fundy drink a lot of vodka." He adds and I raise my eyebrows a little because Tubbo had just turned seventeen which was really good for him. The kid is growing up just like Tommy and the two have also been talking to Jack a lot more now.

"That's fun," I tell him with a little giggle as I reach for a book which I had been gifted by one of my fans. I had been told that I should read it

"Oh," Will says as if he had just thought of something important and I glance back up at my monitor from the book. "Are you doing anything for New Years?" He asks and I make a small face as I try to think of anything. Most of my friends and I had planned on celebrating the night before because a ton of them were planning on heading out of our town for the New Years so that kind of left me doing nothing but work for that night.

"Nope," I tell him with a small hum then realize that my parents and Tommy might want to do something. Then again the most we have done is usually just have friends and family come to the house and we all hang out until midnight hits. "Not unless Tommy,"

"Come be my New Years drinking buddy!" Will says happily and I giggle a little at how loud he had just gotten. I turn the volume of him down on my Discord and scribble down that I will have to turn it up again later on when he isn't that shouty.


"Please." He says and I can practically see the excited smile across his face at the idea. I move in my chair and let my feet touch the ground again. I have never really been one for going out and drinking but maybe it would be fun with Will, plus it's a special occasion.

"I'll think about it," I tell him because I know that so many people are listening in right now and I know that they will all freak out if I tell him an answer right here on stream. Plus he is drunk so I don't really know if he will exactly want to hang out with me on New Years, he probably has his own friends that will want to go out with him.

"I'm taking that as a yes." Will tells me and I can't help but laugh a little even though I can tell that this is going to be all over my Twitter later. Plus some clips channels are definitely going to be posting this on their channels for the views. I silently wonder what click bare they are going to use because they usually do that.

"Ok, ok. Fine." I say through laughs and smile brightly, slowly warming up to the idea of going out with him on New Year's Eve. It could be a lot of fun. "Text me later, hopefully when you are sober." I tell him teasingly as I get a message from Niki and a few other friends giving me a late Merry Christmas which I should respond to. Plus Niki is usually the one who keeps me up with everything happening on Twitter because I don't look at the app much.

"Bye!" Will says happily and I close the book which had been sitting open in my lap as I roll closer to my pc. "Love you Blake!" He adds and I feel my cheeks turn pink at the words as the smile grows on my face.

"Bye Drunkbur," I giggle a little and bite my lip lightly already knowing to expect even more to come from Twitter and more teasing to come from Niki because she knows me too well at this point. "Love you too." I say with another laugh and leave the Discord call.

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