[ 022 - London ]

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"I'm cold Tommy," I complain as I rub my bare arms and we stand in the middle of a London square. We had left the house early and had managed to find our way to a Starbucks so I had a cup of hot chocolate in my hands but I still felt like I was freezing to death as another gust of cold wind washed over everyone who was walking down the streets or simply sitting and talking to people. The blond looks down at me with raised eyebrows and an amused grin across his face.

"Why didn't you bring a jacket?" Tommy asks me with a small laugh across his face as he pulls on the sleeves of his own blue jacket because he was clearly cold as well. He had managed to grab the jacket last minute earlier this morning as we left the house, saying a quick bye to our parents and promising that we would be back before dusk.

"You sound like Mum." I tell my little brother and lean against him. Even though that he was taller then me I could easily lean against him and he gives me a joking glare. I'm still freezing but as let's me stand closer to him which provides some warmth to me which was pretty fun, we were the sorts of siblings that we never really got in fights but could act like we could argue a lot.

"You're older then me," Tommy laughs a little and I make a small face as different cars race down the London streets, clearly in a rush to get to their jobs because it's only around nine in the morning, about work time. "And you forgot a jacket." He adds which makes me giggle a little.

"It's not my fault," I say dramatically and finish the hot chocolate which I had been drinking so we both make our way through the square to search for a place to get rid of our trash. He had gotten a snack ahead of time from the store so we had both had some sort of breakfast because I know Mum would have killed us if we didn't eat something.

"No," Tommy says with a small hum and I can't help b it giggle a little as we approach a tall statue, tossing our trash into the metal trash can which was slowly filling from other people tossing things. "I think it is."

"Boo," I jump a little as hands are placed on my shoulder and Tommy turns around quickly with a small angry expression on his face that someone had touched me before it turns into a bright grin. I turn and look up to see Will looking down at me with a bright smile across his face.

"Will!" Tommy grins brightly as he looks at Will who is dressed in what must be a heavy winter coat with gloves and beanie over his head. My little brother is wearing pretty much the same thing with the exception of the beanie while I stand here cold because I had been in such a rush this morning.

"Hello," I say as I look up at Will as he drops his hands back down to his sides then into his pockets. The three of us stand and talk for a few minutes about the drive down to London and other things like how everything had been before deciding that we should start walking around the square at least. "So," I say slightly confused as Tommy goes on about how excited he is for today and how much he has been looking forwards to it. "We are going to meet up with George right?" I ask just to clarify because I had become friends with George the few times we had spoke and he was really nice to talk to when there was nothing to really talk about otherwise.

"The Gogs," Tommy says with a nod to let me know that we would be meeting up with him later in the day and a grin flashed across his face quickly. "And Vikstar!" He reminds me and Will which makes me laugh a little because of how much he loves the man. I'm pretty sure it's unhealthy but whatever.

"And later on KSI," Will adds on and I nod a little, trying to think of how we are going to get to everyone within the day but I'm sure we will find a way. I think for the most part it's just going to be the three of us hanging out then eventually George will hang out with us which will be fun.

"Why are we doing that again?" I ask dramatically with a small giggle, knowing how some of the Minecraft community hates KSI and some of his friends. I look at the vlogging camera which is in Tommy's hands with a small grin across my face. "I'm only kidding," I tell the camera then look up at Tommy who has a small mischievous grin across his face. "Keep that out of the recording." I tell him with a small giggle as he goes in front of Will and myself so he can get a shot of the two of us walking towards him.

"No," Tommy says with a grin then looks over his shoulder at the palace which we are getting closer to. I know we had agreed to meet up here and recently Tommy's jokes about the Queen have started showing up more and more and I'm not sure if that's a good or a bad thing if I'm being honest. "Let's go see the Queen, yknow she is single now?" He asks us with a grin across his face and I can't help but laugh a little as starts to run ahead, cutting through a few crowds so he can get a better look at the building.

"Are you cold?" Will asks me as we walk together and he takes my hand in his. I feel my face turn pink but interlock out fingers as we start to go in the direction which Tommy had gone. I look up at him and see a soft smile across his face which I return happily.

"A little but I'm," I stop talking when he suddenly stops walking. I make a confused face as he lets go of my hand and turn to see what he is doing just as he slides the winter coat he was wearing off of his shoulders and offers it to me.

"Here," He hands it over to me with a small smile across his face and his face just as pink as mine. "I don't need it." Will tells me and I feel the butterflies in my chest flutter again.

"Thank you."

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