[ 024 - Plane ]

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"No Tommy." I tell him as I pull our car into the small area which had been roped off for people who were parking. I scan the cars for a place to park, knowing that I would see both Tubbo and Jack in a few minutes as they had arrived only minutes before us. The three of them had planned whatever they were doing for a few weeks and then last night Tommy had just last night begged me to come to this location. I had asked him why but he refused to tell me so I blindly trusted him. I, and my fear of heights, were now strongly regretting that.

"Come on!" Tommy says dramatically which makes me shake my head no just so slightly, shifting the car into parked. I don't want to do that, I refuse to go in the air and do what he wanted to do for a video only. "It will be fun!" He pushes for me to say yes even as we get out of the car and a nice light breeze washes over the two of us.

"No," I shake my head a little, not wanting to do it and my eyes travel to the sky which was painted a bright blue color. "No, yeah, no." I repeat myself making up my mind as a plane flies above us, quickly climbing in altitude with every second.

"Tubbo is doing it," Tommy tells me as we start to walk side by side. I run a hand through my hair and turn to stare at my little brother but I still keep pace with him.

"I don't know why."

"Neither do I." Tubbo spoke up as we reached the others side and I gave a small smile to his grandfather that was standing back and talking to Jack Manifold. I laugh a little at the look of pure terror which was across Tubbo's face yet at the same time I knew that I probably looked the same or worse at the idea of what the three were about to go and do.

"Jack is doing it!" Tommy argues as he motions over to Jack who is happily talking to Tubbo's grandfather. Jack looks over to the three of us with a small grin appearing on his face before coming over to our sides to join us. My eyes travel to the sky again then to the three boys.

"Jack is also Jack." I tell Tommy and Tubbo nods in agreement. With a glance at Tubbo, I automatically know that he had originally thought that his best friend was joking about this but now that we were all here he clearly was stressing out. Yet deep down I knew that the kid wasn't going to back out of it.

"Just come on," Tommy pushes and my eyes travel to the sky again then to the groups of people who were sitting around on the pavement and the grass, waiting for their chance to go. I know that the process can take hours at a time so we were already going to be here but still, my fear of heights.

"I don't want to jump out of a plane." I tell my little brother who gives me a joking glare at how I was refusing to jump out of the literal plane. I will never ever jump out of a plane with the only exception being if the plane was like ok fire or something. I would rather not fall hundreds of feet with the chance of death happening to me.

"Yeah, you do." Tubbo grins a little and I stare at him in betrayal because he was the one who was also suffering. Then I realize that he just wanted to make me suffer jumping out of a moving vehicle with him. Actual betrayal.

"If you do it," Jack speaks up and I look at him as he glances as Tommy then back to me. "We both give you one hundred gifted." He tells me and Tommy nods a little. My eyes travel to the bright blue sky and I can already tell that I am going to absolutely hate this.

"Tier three." I tell the two who have grins appear on their faces, knowing that I am giving in even though it's against my better judgment.

"Deal." Tommy says and I can already tell that I am going to probably die today as we start to walk off and sign the group of us up to jump out of a literal plane for content.

Guess I am defeating my fear of heights today.

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