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"Hey Blake," I look up from my laptop to see Tommy standing by my door which he had just knocked on. I give him a small but bright smile and finish writing the email which I had been working on for the last twenty or so minutes. It was a deal for a sponsorship of sorts but even with the money I would get paid through it I wouldn't be able to do anything since it was so low. So I was trying to find the kindest way possible to sound nice while also denying their offer. "Can I sit with you?" He asks and I nod a little, moving over on my bed and we both look at the show which is playing on my television.

"Since when did you like normal tv?" I giggle as his eyes focus on the show and he glances back over to me. A small serious expression crosses his face and I raise my eyebrows a little, unsure of what he is about to say.

"Since I wanted to talk to you," He says and I stop, biting my lip to wait for what he wants to say. I can practically see the gears in his mind going insane as he tried to figure out what to say but I don't do anything. I don't know what to say but he doesn't seem to want to talk yet so I take a small deep breath before decided to ask what was up.

"Oh," I say quietly, pulling my knees up to my chest as I look at my little brother who seemed to like rather confused. My mind travels quickly to see what he could possibly be asking me and wanting to know. I shift lightly, trying meet his eyes but he doesn't meet them yet. "Is everything alright?" I ask him and he sighs, finally meeting my eyes with him and I know that for the first time in a bit he looks serious for whatever reason.

"Are you and Wilbur dating?" Tom blurts out in a second and I blink once, not sure what to say because we haven't talked about that. I mean, Will and I haven't talked about our kiss which was what seemed like forever ago or anything that had been happening before with the flirting and some of the shipping which had evolved over the last few months.

"No," I shake my head lightly, knowing that I can't say for sure. He hadn't asked me to be his girlfriend and at the same time I haven't asked him to be my boyfriend. For gods sake we live hours away from each other yet we do talk almost daily both on and off stream. Still though, the answer is no and I know that. "No, we aren't dating." I say with a small nod and he studies my face for a second before nodding as well.

"Ok," Tommy says with another small nod and there is a small sense of understanding that forms in the room that this is actually a serious conversation. We haven't had one of these since he got his first girlfriend a few years back and they broke up. He had been really upset and we sat down to have a conversation with each other about it. "Do you like him?" He asked and I stare at the wall for a second then look back at him.

"You want me to be honest with you Tommy?" I ask my brother before looking at him again. He meets my eyes again and then nods once as I shift to look at him better, leaning against the wall in silence. "Yeah, I think I might." I admit because he is very sweet, nice and I really like hanging out with him. He can make me laugh and smile easily and makes me feel like a better version of myself so I try my best to act as normal.

"Well," Tom says a serious expression crossing his face again as he meets my eyes. I can see that he is thinking and it was clear that he must have been thinking about this for some time. "If he hurts you then I will kill him." He decides and I blink once, not quite sure what he is talking about. Then a small smile appears on my face as he continues to look at me with a more then serious look.

"I don't think he would," I tell Tommy and he crosses his arms over his chest, leaning against my wall before meeting my eyes again as he seemed to come up with what he wanted to say.

"I know Will," Tommy says and I bite my cheek, knowing that he and Will had been friends for the longest time. I don't want to mess up the friendship that was going on with them yet I know that I was catching feelings for my little brothers best friend and he had been for the longest time. "He has had bad relationships but still, you're my sister." He tells me and a smile grows across my face at how protective he was being about this and how he wasn't freaking out about the news of me maybe liking Will. "You come first."

"Thanks Tommy," I say and he nods, letting me know that he wanted to end the conversation. I rest my head on his shoulder and we go back to watching the show in silence for a few minutes before I see him give the television a dirty look.

"I forgot what shit type of shows you like."

"Shush." I say and hold the remote close to my chest as he tries to change the channel.

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