[ 028 - Good Morning ]

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I run my eyes lightly as I take a small deep breath, enjoying being wrapped in the warmth and the sun peeking through my windows. I know that it can't be too late into the day because my late alarms haven't gone up but last night I was up for a while with Will. I freeze and force myself to open my eyes to see Will laying on his back while I lay across his chest. I feel my face turn pink and bury my face in his chest as he moves slightly, our legs intertwined and his arms around my waist, holding me close to him.

"Good morning love," Will says sounding tired but his morning voice makes my heart melt again. He uses his free hand to tilt my head up again so he can see my face. His hair is in his face and messier then usual. I shift a little but he keeps his arms on me, not letting me move away but it's warm here and I like laying here with him like this.

"I'm sorry," I mutter under my breath as he moves the hair out of his eyes, his other hand on the small of my back. Will looks at me and furrows his eyebrows in confusion as he meets my eyes and I can feel my cheeks burning pink but I don't want to move. Will's face is tinted pink as well but he doesn't seem to care as he looks at me laying on his chest. He gives me a small confused look and I sigh, going back to cuddling with him. "I fell asleep." I explain and a small amused and tired chuckle comes from his mouth.

"You needed it." Will tells me, clearly amused and there is a second of silence where I don't meet his eyes. He hesitantly pulls me closer to him so we are closer and my legs are wrapped around his waist. I giggle a little at how he grins and I run my hand through his messy hair as I bite my lip.

"But you were here." I tell him and Will scoffs a little at how I had pointed it out. Of course he was here, he still is here and we are laying in my bed together. I can see my phone across the bed and Will's arms are wrapped tightly around me like he didn't want me to move away from him.

"It's fine," I hear him mutter and one of his hands rests on my thigh while he used the other to make me look at him. Will looks at me for a second as my heart flutters and I'm sure that he can feel it too as we are chest to chest with each other, the space between us is almost nothing now. "I fell asleep too so don't worry about it." He mutters and we are slowly getting closer to each other. I can practically feel his breath on my lips but we both stop.

"Wilbur?" We both move very quickly to pull away from each other and look towards my bedroom door. I can feel my heart racing in my chest and my face turns pink and I try to wiggle away from Will but he doesn't let go yet. I bite my lip and bury my face in his chest to hide myself from my little brother's view although I'm not very hidden.

"Shit," I mutter and hear a small, weak chuckle come from Will. I scrunch up my face and feel Will's hand still on the small of my back, my skin feeling like fire where we were touching each other. It still feels like his lips are so close to mine and I know that he is thinking of the same thing. "Hi Tommy," I say with my voice just so loudly for my little brother to hear. 

"Why is Wilbur in your bed?" Tommy asks and I take a small breath to look over at him. He looks tired but at the same, very awake. I can see him looking back and forwards from me and Will as if he was making the connection. I make a small face and look up at Will again before looking at Tommy.

"Uhm," I clear my throat and try to sit up. Will loosens his grip on me and I sit so I'm taller then him but can feel his eyes locked on me right now. "He came over last night?" I say with a small shrug as if it was an explanation and Tommy makes a small face at the words. I look to Will for help because I need his back up and he also sits up, his hands on my thighs still as if to steady me from falling.

"We were just hanging out," Will says with a small laugh as I try to push his hands off of my thighs. I give him a joking glare from the corner of my eyes and a small grin appears on his face as he squeezes his hand a little but I don't address him, rather staring at Tommy again.

"Hanging out," Tommy repeats, his eyes moving between Will and I again. I nod a little and Tommy leans against the doorframe. I can see that he is still tired but his brain is starting to work, clearly he hadn't been expecting Will to be here this morning. Then again he wasn't exactly a planned visit. "Is BlakeSoot a thing or," He looks at the two of us expectantly and I blink a little in confusion. Before Will or I can even respond, Tommy turns the corner to leave our sight and I shake my head.

"And then he leaves," I mutter quietly under my breath but Will uses his free hand to make me face him again. My heart races in my chest even faster when I realize that we are even closer then we had been before. "Tommy being Tommy." I say with a whisper just loud enough for him to hear and a smooth grin appears on Will's face.

"BlakeSoot," Will says, just so quietly for the two of us to hear. His touch feels nice against my skin that makes me want to melt. He hums a little and grins when he meets my eyes. "I like that." He mutters and the space between us is almost imaginary.

"Oh shut up," I laugh a little and wrap my arms around his neck as he pulls me into a sweet kiss. I pull away a minute or so later, already missing his touch but go back to laying on his chest and he returns his arms to where they had been before, wrapped tightly around me before we both drift back to sleep.

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