[ 029 - Song About You ]

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Will and I sit in the living room with the tv on as we scroll through the channels trying to find something to watch. Mom had met Will again earlier this morning and I could already sense the talk we were going to be having later but she also seemed really happy that I was talking to someone and had invited someone over. She had left for work around nine when Will and I were searching the kitchen and pantry for breakfast and Tommy was in his bedroom, getting dressed for the day. We hadn't found anything but ended up ordering waffles from a place not too far from where I live, getting Tommy some to eat as well.

As I think about him I hear someone moving around behind Will and myself so I turn and see my little brother trying to slip into the kitchen again. We make eye contact and I nudge Will a little so he turns to see Tommy looking at us. He is clearly dressed to go out and I see that he has his vlogging camera on him. He must be going out to record a new video for his new vlog channel that he is really hyped up for.

"Where are you off to?" I ask him and he walks into the living room, his eyes moving between Will and myself. There is a small mischievous look in his eyes but I simply roll my eyes a little which makes Will laugh. I look at my brother again and see that he isn't dressed up per say but has a bag on his arm.

"Water park with Jack," Tommy shrugs a little and he moves closer to us. I see him reach for the box with his food that is sitting in the middle of the coffee table which was filled with drinks and other candies that Will and I had dug up from the kitchen. "Remember?" He asks, looking at me for a second then to Will with a small grin on his face as he realizes the food was actually for him.

"Oh yeah," Will says, shifting on the couch to see Tommy better and I go back to leaning into his touch. I recall him saying something about going out to a water park for the video and we had even gone out shopping for him to wear something out. I had also gotten a swim suit for the beach since summer was coming soon and he got a swim shirt that looks like the shirt his Minecraft character has. "Tubbo too right?"

"You guys can come if you want," Tommy says and I meet Will's eyes. We stare at each other for a second because if he goes out that means that we have the house to ourselves for a while. I think Tommy reads my mind and a small laugh comes from his direction as he pulls his backpack over his shoulders with a grin across his face.

"We were planning on watching movies," I say quietly and Tommy's phone goes off as he nods. Will hums and takes the remote from my hands softly, looking through the different things that are on Netflix. I watch as his eyes move over each movie before looking back to Tommy who has an amused grin across his face.

"Ok, yeah," Tommy nods and slides his phone into his back pocket. He opens the front door and I sit up when I see Jack standing at the door. I climb off of the couch and give him a hug because I have known Jack for a while and he's really nice to hang out with. Tommy and him have been hanging out a lot more recently because Tubbo has been busy planning things with Ranboo for when he flies over here.

"Hi Jack," I say as he hugs me back before stepping back. I stop when I run into Will who must've been standing behind me and he places his hands on my waist gently. I can feel my face turn pink slightly because clearly he hadn't thought about it, maybe it was just a way to keep me from backing up anymore but he keeps his hands there.

"Hi Blake," Jack grins slightly and then looks to Will who has now placed his head on top of mine. I roll my eyes because he is too tall for his own good in my eyes. A look of confusion crosses Jack's face and he looks to Tommy then back to Will. I can feel him laugh under his breath as he watched the two boys exchange looks. "Hey Will?" He greets him too, sounding just as confused as he looks and a laugh escapes Tommy.

"I'll explain in the car," Tommy simply says with a small laugh and I pull away from Will to give my brother a small hug. He returns the hug as he pulls on the strings of the backpack that held everything he and the other two boys would need for the day. After a few minutes the two leave the house and we both return to the couch where we had managed to find a good movie to watch.

"Sooner or later," Will says as he takes my hand in his, spreading my fingers and locking his with mine. I love it when he holds my hand in his as his hands are so much bigger then mine. "The whole world is going to know because of Tommy." He chuckles and I turn over to I'm face to face with him. I laugh a little as he continues to trace the lines on my palm before shaking my head slightly, returning my attention to the movie. "I'm going to write a song about you." Will says, a few seconds later and I turn to look at him again just to see that his eyes are already on me.

"You don't have too," I tell him softly, sitting up from where I am. I can feel my face heat up because that's a lot for someone to say. I don't need him to write a song about me and I know that writing songs isn't exactly the easiest thing for people to do so it would be a lot for him to do it about me specifically.

"I want too." Will hums and we stay silent for a moment before he kissed my forehead. I rest my head in the nook of his neck as he goes back to running his hand through my hair and I giggle a little because I am falling in love with my little brothers older best friend.

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