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(A/N): I'll just skip the human cavalry battle and go straight to hand-to-hand battle. I'll make Yaoyorozu didn't passed the race. And if you wonder how Mineta passed the race, he cling to someone else.


I look up at the big screen in front of me. I'll fight Tokoyami in the first round.

Me*thought*: I won't use my quirk in my battle. I need to save it for the final to make sure the plan to take down father.

I look at Tokoyami as he do the same. He nod at me before start to walk away. Todoroki stop beside me and pat my shoulder.

Todoroki: You better make it to the final so we can fight.

Me:*smile* Shake.

We fistbump.

Todoroki: Well, you has used your quirk too much earlier during the human cavalry. You better go recover.

Me: Shake.

We go our separate way. I take out my cough syrup and drink it.

Me*thought*: If I win, I'm sure I'll fight Mina. And if I win again, I'm sure I'll fight Bakugou after that.

I smirk.

Me*thought*: I'll make it to the final.

Asahi POV

Me: Huh, he passed the cavalry battle.

Enji: I just interested in the battle between (Y/N) and Shoto.

Me: That will only happen if they make it to the final.

Enji: I believe they will make it to the final.

Little Timeskip
Waiting Room

Deku: Hey.

Me: Konbu.

He take a seat beside me.

Deku: Are you nervous?

Me: Okaka.

Deku:*sigh* I already expected that. Well, my opponent will be little bit hard to fight.

Me: Takana?

Deku: Ojiro said that Shinso's quirk can brainwash anyone that answer him.

Me*thought*: That quirk is a strong quirk. He should be in hero department. Maybe because of the entrance exam. They fought with robots if I'm not mistaken. The entrance exam is kinda unfair for someone who have quirks like Shinso.

Deku: Well, I'm here to help you with strategy to defeat Toko-

Me: Okaka.

Deku: Huh, you don't want?

Me:*nod* Shake.

Deku: Well... If you said so.*smile* Good luck.

He stand up and leave the room.

Me*thought*: Tokoyami's strength is his Dark Shadow. I don't think he's so strong without Dark Shadow. He's a mid-range fighter. If I can dodge all Dark Shadow's attack and get close to Tokoyami, I have a big chance of winning.

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