Chapter 33

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When Yuri has already gone to the next activity, I just make myself busy to sleep but I can't

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When Yuri has already gone to the next activity, I just make myself busy to sleep but I can't. My mind keeps on running, thinking about what Heeseung said earlier.

I mean, is that too much? Did I really become like that? Did I control our relationship too much all by myself?

Many questions on my head that none of that question might not be answered. I don't know what will happen to our relationship, I don't know if there will be us once I wake up.

I didn't realize the warm water streaming down. Thinking about the possible outcome of this situation scares me, we haven't lasted for so long and yet we are here. It's so scary how you face the next morning without any assurance of what will happen next.

I stayed like that inside our room with the blanket that covered my whole body. I kept on sobbing until I heard a knock.

"Ms. Chun? Are you alright?". I quickly wiped the tears on my face.

"A-". I cleared my throat before I continued.

"Ahh yes, I'm just feeling dizzy but I can manage. I think I just need to take a rest". I said without pulling down the blanket.

"Are you sure? Nothing hurts?". It hurts actually here, right on my chest.

"Nothing, I just need some rest. Thank you, Miss". I replied.

"Just tell me if you need anything, I will go now. Rest well". Just then I heard the door closed.

I pulled down the blanket and sigh. I get my phone to take me away from thinking that. I browsed to my gallery, I stopped my finger when I saw the picture.

It's the picture of us, well his face with my hand on it. His smile makes me smile too, I will never get tired looking at it. I slid it to the next picture and saw the two of us, he's sleeping and burying his face on my neck while I'm putting my one hand to capture the both of us and I'm smiling so wide which is unusual.

I just love how he brings so much joy in my life. I'm full of darkness when he arrived but when he stayed he slightly put a lamp on me that no matter what happens it will stay to give me light and hope as soon as he's there but how am I supposed to do that if tomorrow there will be no one in my life?

I startled when my phone rang, it flashed my brother's name on it. I cleared my throat again to push away the after-voice-crying.

"L! Are you fine? Did something happen? How are you feeling? Did something hurt? I will call your prof-"

"He-hey, hey! Calm down! I'm fine, I'm just feeling a little dizzy but I can manage. I just feel exhausted travelling here, you don't need to worry". I said and rolled my eyes even if he didn't see it.

"Your prof told me about you, that you didn't attend your last activity for today. I'm worried that something might happen there". He looks so worried, based on his voice.

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