Extra Chapter : TWO

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"Yeah!! Dad, we are coming. We will be there soon." Zhan said, and the cut the call.

Yibo and Zhan is visiting Mr. Xiao today, last night all of sudden, he called Zhan and asked them to visit. So, in morning Yibo and Zhan are going to visit him. Yi Zhen and Yi Xian and Zen went to school with Jinyoung.

Now Zhan and Yibo is in the car, on the way of Xiao Mansion.

"Zhan, dad is okay nah?!" Yibo asked, looking at the road, concentrating on his drive.

"Yeah, he is okay." Zhan replied.

"Then.. it's rare all this years, he never really asked to visit us. Mostly he come to see us." Yibo said.

"I know, but maybe he wanted us to visit him. I don't know what's happening. Let's just go." Zhan said.

"Hmmm.." Yibo nodded and speed up the car.

After few minutes, they finally arrived at Xiao Mansion. Yibo parked the car and both of them went down.

"There is another car." Zhan said, when he looked left side.

"Hmm.. maybe someone came. Are you sure, dad is okay?!" Yibo said, taking at glance to car then looked back at Zhan.

Zhan didn't say anything but, a thin line of worry showed in his face.

"Let's just go inside." Zhan said, and run to the main door. Yibo followed Zhan and stood behind Zhan.

Zhan pressed the door bell, after some second door opened. A middle aged lady opened the door with a bright smile.

"Ahhhh, aunt Yi..? You here? Is everything okay?" Zhan said, when he saw the lady.

"Everything is ok. Come inside." The lady said, smiling.

Zhan and Yibo entered the house.

"So the car..

"Yeah. It's mine." The lady said, cutting of Zhan in middle.

"Aunt, where is dad? Is he okay?" Zhan asked, looking around.

"He is upstairs. I'm calling him and don't worry, he is perfectly fine. He was waiting for you guys." The lady said and went upstairs.

"Mnn.. who is she? " Yibo asked.

"Ahh she is aunt Jia Shu Yi. She works in dad's company. She is oldest staff also you can say, she was there in every time with dad in upside down. Also, she used to visit us often. She loves me and Jiyang a lot." Zhan said.

"Ohh.. Then prepare yourself." Yibo said, holding Zhan's hand.

"For what?!" Zhan asked, in confusion.

"What I'm thinking, if it's right then, you will know soon." Yibo said, nodding.


"Zhan!!! Yibo!!! How are you my babies?!" Mr. Xiao came down and hugged both Zhan and Yibo.

They also hugged him back. After few moments, they sat opposite of each other.

"How are you dad?!" Zhan asked.

"What happened to me? I'm good." Mr. Xiao replied.

"That's good." Zhan release a deep breath.

"Where is Sweethearts??! Zen, Zhen and Xian??" Mr. Xiao asked.

"They went to school with Jinyoung." Zhan replied.

"Here!! Have coffee everyone." Ms. Shu Yi said, smiling and placing the tray on table.

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