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Hey guys I just decided to reupload these one-shots from my other book (Anime One Shots) because this is my Aphmau One Shot Book so really they should've been here to begin with... I'm going to remove them from that book so they'll be here now instead.

I sat in my classroom staring down at my art project. It looked like a kindergartner drew it.

I sighed and I pushed it aside.

My art class was the last class of the day. I hated this class, but I loved the people in it. I sat at a table with all my friends, Zane, Katelyn, and Kawaii Chan.

I laid back in my chair and I felt something hit my face.

"Zane," I growled annoyed.

I looked up at him and he chuckled. I wiped the paint off my face and went back to staring at my project.

"Guys I'm bored.." I yelled stretching my arms out.

"Same, I want something exciting to happen.," Katelyn mumbled.

I got up out of my seat and walked towards the door. I signed out to use the washroom and left the room.

I wasn't going to the washroom though I'd just walk around the halls for a few minutes.

As I walked down the halls I could hear people.

They weren't familiar at all.

I knew almost everyone in this school and I'd never heard these people before.

I took my time and slowly walked to the corner. I peeked out of the corner and noticed a few boys standing together.

They were trading something but I couldn't see what.

"If we're caught today it's your fault.." One of them mumbled.

"Shut your mouth.." Another mumbled.

There were three boys. All of them dressed in hoods. One was blue, green, and red.

The red one hadn't said a word yet.

He leaned against the wall staring off into space.

I examined the green and blues moves.

The green guy reached into his pocket and slowly pulled something out.

Once I got a good look at it I froze.

He pulled out a dark pistol.

The green guy held onto the pistol in his hands while he brought more out. He gave one to the blue guy and offered another to the red guy.

But the red guy didn't take it.

He just looked down at it and turned his head away.

"Let's do this." The blue one mumbled.

No fucking way.

They began to load the guns and I backed away from them.

I felt myself trip on my feet and I fell down to the floor.

"What was that!" One of them yelled.

I heard footsteps begin to head my way and I got up off the ground. The guy with a red hoodie turned the corner and I backed away.

"Well uh... see ya!" I turned around and began to sprint down the hall. I ran back to my art room and slammed the door open.

"Shit!" One of them yelled.

I grabbed a couple of desks and began to push them against the doors.

"What's going on!" I heard Zane yell.

I pushed more desks against the door and the blue guy tried to kick it down.

"Leave it be.." The red guy mumbled.

The blue guy backed away from the door and groaned annoyed.

"Aphmau what are you doing!" My teacher shouted.

He ran over to me and began to push away the desks. All the desks were gone and he flew open the doors.


Before he could say another word he stumbled back to the ground and fell on his back.

I looked down at him and there was a major wound in his chest.

I backed away from him and ran over to Katelyn.

"We have to get out!" I screamed.

Everyone ran to the emergency door but before we could get out. A desk was thrown at the door which made everyone stop.

I turned my head and the guy in blue along with the red ran into the room.

The blue guy pointed a gun at us and we all froze.

"Get on the ground!" He yelled.

People started screaming and freaking out and we dropped down to the floor.

I looked around the room for some sort of weapon I could use to get out. But there wasn't much.

"Katelyn.," I mumbled.

"Wh-what..?" She replied.

"Let's fight them after we get their guns.." I whispered.

"How th-"

"Leave it to me."

I got closer to the ground and began to roll to the other side of the room. I picked up a chair off the floor and quickly got up.

Once I was up I threw the chair at the guy in blue and he fell to the ground.

"Go!" I shouted.

Katelyn and I ran at them both and the guy in red grabbed me. The gun went flying across the room after he was hit and Katelyn kicked the blue guy to the ground.

I struggled in his grip then punched him straight in the face. He fell back a bit and let go of me.

I ran at him and sent another punch straight to his face. I hit him a few times and eventually, he grabbed my fist.

His face had blood on it and his nose was bleeding.

He twisted me around so my back was against him and held onto me tight. Katelyn was still beating the shit out of the other guy and I felt something hit my head.

"Move or she dies.." The guy in red mumbled.

Katelyn stopped punching the other one and got up off the ground. She put her hands in the air surrendering I heard him chuckle.

"Good now you will take everyone to the gym and if I find out you beat him up again, her life's mine."

Katelyn nodded her head and our eyes met. She gave me a look of sympathy and everyone began to leave the room.

After everyone was gone he let go of me and I walked away from him.

"What the hell are you doing?" I mumbled confusedly.

I turned back to look at him and he put his gun back in his pocket.

"None of your concern you bitch lets go."

I glared into his eyes and approached him. I raised my hand and slapped him straight across the face.

He looked at me shocked and I nodded my head.

"I don't care if you are my boyfriend, I don't care if you're my best friend, I don't care if you're a school shooter, you shut your fucking mouth."

The boy snickered and grabbed my arm.

"I knew I made a good choice picking you."

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