Aarmau [3]

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I felt myself being pushed down to the ground. As I fell I looked up, the bullet hit Aaron right in the arm.

We both hit the ground falling hard.

I got up on my knees and looked down at Aaron. He struggled to get up off the ground and I picked my gun back up.

The office door slammed open and an officer ran in. I pointed my gun up at them and glared into their eyes.

"Ma'am please put the gun down." He said calmly.

"You shot him.." I growled.

"Ma'am if you don't put the gun down I'll be forced to shoot you as well." I pulled the trigger back on the gun sending a bullet straight through his head.

"Shut up!" I yelled in anger.

His body dropped down onto the cold floor. A crimson red flowing out. I turned back to Aaron and he slowly pushed himself up off the ground.

I grabbed his arm to help him up and he put a hand on my shoulder.

We both walked towards the office doors and I peeked outside. More officers were running inside and more people were leaving.

Aaron was groaning in pain.

There was no way we could just surrender. They would either shoot us on the spot or let Aaron die.

If Aaron were to go out there he'd go to jail but so would I.

I dragged Aaron with me to the principal's office. Once we were inside I locked the door behind us. I helped Aaron over to the chair and he sat down.

"What do we do..?" I whispered.

Aaron put a hand on the desk and looked up at the ceiling.

"There's only one way out you know.." He mumbled.

"Aaron please.." I begged.

"Aphmau don't worry." He said smiling.

I walked over to Aaron and wrapped my arms around him. Aaron hugged me back and I noticed something strange.

The bullet on his arm had disappeared and completely healed.

He pulled me onto his lap and put his hands in my hair. I put my hands on his face and brought myself in closer. I leaned down to touch his lips but before I could I heard someone cough.

I looked behind us and officers somehow got in.

I jumped up off of Aaron and pulled the gun out of my pocket. I pointed my gun out in front and they pulled out guns on me.

"Put the gun down." An officer demanded.

I nodded my head and felt something grab onto my shoulder. I turned back and Aaron took the gun out of my hand.

He pointed it at them and growled lowly.

"Sir put the gun down and put your hands up."

"Fuck off," Aaron growled.

Aaron took a shot at the guy and he fell flat to the ground. Aaron shot the other guys around us and grabbed my hand.

He kicked open the principal's door and ran towards the office doors. He slammed them open but stopped straight in his tracks.

Officers surrounded us but that wasn't what made us stop.

Katelyn and Kawaii~Chan stood in front of us. Guns to their heads well Zane and the man in blue laid on the floor.

The man in blue was beside Zane staring down at him with horror.

I looked over at Zane and my heart started racing.

"No," I mumbled.

Zane was dead.

The man in blue got up off the ground and took a gun out of his pocket. He placed the gun against his head and pulled the trigger.

His lifeless body dropped down to the ground beside Zane and I screamed. I fell back into Aaron and he put a hand on me. He slowly rubbed my back and I took in a few deep breathes to calm myself down.

I looked back at my other friends and they both smiled at me. As they both smiled shots went off and bullets went right through them both.

I dropped down to the ground and so did Katelyn and Kawaii Chan.

I stared at their bodies in shock then looked back up at Aaron with wide eyes.

Another gunshot went off and this time Aaron dropped down to the ground. I looked down at him and screamed.

A bullet had hit his heart.

Blood flowing from the open wound onto the ground. His eyes had shut immediately and he laid there still as could be.

I looked up at the officers and took the gun from Aaron's hands.

"I can't live without you."

I put the gun up against my head and took in a deep breath.

I closed my eyes and slowly pulled back the trigger.

I jumped up out of bed and looked around me. I was sweating hard and breathing heavily. I put a hand on my head and took deep breathes.

I felt tears falling down my face and I started crying a bit. I covered my face with my hands and let the tears flow down.

As I cried I felt big warm arms wrap around me.

I removed my hands from my face and looked up.

"What's wrong baby?" Aaron asked giving my lips a quick peck.

"Nothing... just a nightmare."

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