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Body aching all over, her whole body tied up against the wooden chair, she managed to move a little bit but the soreness of her body wouldn't let her change positions. It kind of feels like she's been held, hostage. And there she realizes it.

Her eyes rapidly opened as her vision was met by the blinding light of the light bulb above her. She squinted her eyes to get the hang of the lights around her before trying to recognize her surroundings. Y/N sat in the middle of an old rusty room, her whole body tied up in a weak chair that everybody can just kick and it would fall over.

What happened? She tries to remember everything while she closes her eyes in the sudden dizziness she was feeling. Her whole head was spinning but she needed to know how she ended up in this room.

The only person she can remember presently was Jin. They were simply watching a great movie on the television. She remembers being a bold woman then asked Jin to kiss her which he gladly did. Ah fuck. Y/N's eyes shoot open once again when the unusual person wearing a black suit pops up in her mind. Who was that? Y/N saw how that somebody thumped a pan on top of Jin's head. And how Jin fell into unconsciousness after that. Is he okay?

As she was trying to comprehend what was happening in her surroundings. A dirty blonde-haired girl comes into the room she was in and settled a tray of food in front of her. Y/N could not acknowledge the girl because of her black mask but she notices the dragon-like eyes the girl has. 'She seems familiar,' Y/N's mind says.

"Here, go eat." Her voice was familiar to Y/N as well but she can't remember who had this type of voice that she knows. It's not her Mom because she knows her mother doesn't have those eyes. "Are you just going to stare at me or are you going to eat?" The cold voice of the woman echoed through the thin walls of the room.

She wasn't scared of the girl in front of her so she answered sarcastically. "How can I? When I'm tied up like this?" Y/N shoots back to make the girl stop her stupidness.

The woman laughed. The laugh was also knowledgeable to Y/N's perspective. She just couldn't form what her name was. It was on the tip of her tongue.

"Makes sense," the girl replied as she went behind Y/N to unleash the rope around her. "You're still the genius Y/N I know." Then she removed the rope and they both saw the red marks that were starting to form on Y/N's soft skin.

"What do you mean by that? Have we known each other before all of this?" Confusion grew inside her by the woman's words. So they truly met back then huh? Her speculations were right that the woman was familiar to her.

Laughter filled the room when the girl finds Y/N being dumb when it comes to her best friend. "That hurts Y/N-ah, I thought you would remember me after being missing for so long." Yeji frowned as the realization hits Y/N on the face.

Her eyes widened her jaw hang open, she stares at the woman in front of her who was slowly taking off her black mask. "Y-Yeji?" Y/N stutters at the question when the woman in front of her proudly nodded.

"Finally, you remember your only best friend." She clapped like a kid. "Ah, it's so good that we met after the incident."

Y/N glances at her with tears welling up in the corner of her eyes. She couldn't believe it. Yeji was her best friend. She trusted her with almost everything that was going on with her life. How could she do something like this?

Guilt struck Yeji like lightning in a thunderstorm. She didn't show it though, her face kept straight the entire time her 'best friend' understand that it was truly Yeji standing in front of her. The betrayal Y/N felt was not enough, she wanted to scream at Yeji on why she planned to do all of these. Was she truly a part of this?

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