chapter 1

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"Xiao it's time to wake up," Someone said slowly opening his door.

He groaned and looked at his phone, 6:45, "Dad, I had 15 minutes until my alarm went off. Why did you wake me up?"

"Because today is a special day and your sister made breakfast for you," His dad, Zhongli, sticks his head through the door.

Xiao stuffs his face in his pillow, "Me going to college is not that special dad,"

"Well, as a parent, it's special for me, now get up breakfast is ready." He says closing the door.

Xiao gets up and rubs his eyes, he goes to the bathroom and rinses his face with cold water to wake him up. He takes out all of his silver piercings and replaces them with sleek, black ones. He adjusts his bridge piercing and changes out the hoop snake bites with spikes. He changes the helixes on both ears with small spikes and the industrial with a black bar and the final silver tongue piercing with a black ball.

He puts on a black hoodie and black jeans to compliment the black piercings.

As he gets down stairs he's greeted by his little sister first, she comes up to his legs and hugs them, "Good morning Qiqi," she puts her hands up in the hair and clasps her hands, gesturing to be picked up. "Ugh, fine you're getting too old for this," he picks her up and walks over to the kitchen, the smell of pancakes fills the air.

"Good morning, bud, are you excited for your first day of school?" His other dad, Tartaglia, asks.

Xiao shrugs as he puts his sister down on a chair and hands her a milk carton.

He walks over to the kitchen bar, "You made this, Ganyu?"

Ganyu turns around and smiles, "yes I did, dad kinda made me,"

"Of course he did," Xiao sighs as he takes some juice out of the fridge.

"I can't believe my boy is going to college," Zhongli walks over to Xiao and gives him a kiss on the head.

"Ugh dad, it's not that big of a deal,"

"It is for me, you're all grown up now," he smiles as he takes a drink of his morning tea.

"Yeah, but at least I'm not moving out yet right? I'm too close to the school."

"Yeah that means you get to stay in the nest a little longer," Tartaglia says ruffling his hair.

"Ugh dad please stop."

"Here's your breakfast, Xiao," Ganyu hands him a plate of pancakes with some eggs and sausage on the side. "And I have something else for you, too" she goes over to the fridge and hands him some almond tofu.

"Woah was this dad's idea too,"

"Nope," she smiles.

"Oh wow thanks,"

Xiao looks at his phone as he eats, 7:49, "Ah shit I have to go, thanks for breakfast,"

"Hey watch your language," Zhongli glares at him.

"Sorry dad" Xiao quickly grabs his backpack and runs out the door, "bye guys"

Tartaglia sighs, "and just like that, he's gone."


Xiao walked to school that day, the town he lived in wasn't that big, so it only took about five minutes to walk to his college.

At the first building, where everyone gets their schedules, Xiao spots his long time friend, Hu Tao.

She had just as many piercings as he did, she had long brown hair that was kept in pigtails and always wore the same ghost sweater everywhere she went.

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