chapter 2

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It's the end of the day and Hu Tao and Xiao are sitting at a table in the school courtyard.

"Did you get a text from Venti yet about your date?"

Xiao sighs, "Not yet"

"Ah well then tell me everything that happens when you're done," Hu Tao gathers all her things and stands up, "Cya tomorrow, Xiao" she waves as she departs.

Xiao waves back at her, and turns around to watch the leaves fall from the trees. He takes a deep breath and checks his phone. Nothing.

He felt a light tap on his shoulder, he turned around to find Venti. Venti smiles at him and waves, "Hi Xiao."

"Are your classes done for the day?" Xiao asks.

Venti nods, "Also do you know any good coffee shops around? This is kinda my first week being in this town so do you think you could show me around?"

"Sure, but we would have to walk because I walked to school today." Xiao stands up from the table.

"Oh that's fine," Venti smiles.


Arriving on the small main street, Venti spots a local mom-and-pop coffee shop with a homey feel to it, "Oh my gosh, can we go here?"

Xiao nods and Venti excitedly runs to the glass door. Venti lights up as he sees who's working at the counter. He swings the door open and yells, "OH MY GOSH AETHER I DIDN'T KNOW YOU WORKED HERE!"

Venti runs over to the counter and looks around with Xiao following behind him. Venti locks eyes with the cake pops in the glass display, and presses his face against the glass.

"Well there are only three coffee shops in town, and I told you I worked here." Aether chuckles.

"Yeah but I didn't remember what it was called and plus I still don't know my way around here." Venti frowns.

Xiao walks up closely behind Venti, hands in the pockets of his hoodie, "What are you going to order?"

"Oh right! Um, can I get one of those cake pops and can I get a medium iced coffee with extra sugar and milk."

Aether smirks, "Oh and who is this you're with?"

"Oh right, Aether this is Xiao, I met him on my first day today. And Xiao, this is Aether, he's my roommate!"

"Woah like Xiao as in the streamer?"

Venti nods excitedly.

"Woah score Venti!" He gestures for a high five from Venti, "Venti talks about your streams all the time Xiao! He never misses one, I think he might have a-"

Venti cuts him off, blushing slightly, "Hey Aether how about that iced coffee, and Xiao what would you like to order? I'm buying!"

"Oh, can I get a hot black coffee?"

Aether nods, and puts the cake pop on the counter, Xiao walks over to find a seat as Venti pays, "Aether, do us both a favor and keep your mouth shut." He whispers to him.

"Why is this a date?" Aether grins.

"No, no, it's not like that,"

Aether's grin quickly turns into a frown, "Fine but I'm telling Lumine about this."

Venti sighs, "Fine do what you want"

Venti turns and goes to sit at the small table that Xiao was sitting at.

"He's your roommate you said?"

"Yup, we met online a couple of years ago, and he said I should move here for college, so I did. We have an apartment with me, him, and his twin sister." Venti grins.

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