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a/n : this one goes out to anyone (mostly one person) who really needed Pietro to live today

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Spencer hasn't slept.

Wanda is off somewhere, probably showering or getting some well-needed rest, and Spencer is sitting in Avengers Towers Med Bay room, silently. Clint sits across from her.  Bruce had come in to check Pietro's vitals but had stopped pestering Spencer about her check-up.

For hours on end, it's almost completely silent.

And Spencer's praying. She's never been religious, but she doesn't think it should matter - not now. It's not like she's praying for something selfish, she just wants him to make it out of this. It's not fair that he dies. Not like that. Not like this! Not lamely in some stupid hospital room. Not ever. Not at all.

And Clint must get it. He doesn't say a word. He handed Spencer a cup of hot coffee about an hour ago, but she didn't touch it. It must be room temperature right now, but Spencer's stomach is  -

She hears something.

Clint is still staring out the window, so Spencer's attention shoots towards the door. She'd heard about invisibility before, and the rustling is still going, and she's almost ready to leap at nothing at the door before something is brushing against her hand.

Instinctively, she yanks her arm to her chest, her head snapping in the direction of the movement.

It's Pietro. His eyes are blinking open, and his hand is still out, and Spencer grabs it, practically falling towards the bed.

"Hey, hey," she's calling, trying to keep her voice leveled as Clint begins to look over. She's squeezing his hand, and one hand goes up to his face, brushing her thumb against his cheek bone. "Pietro? Hey, come on."

Her urging is enough. Pietro's eyes pull open, carefully.

There's something bursting in Spencer's chest, throat, heart - its yellow and vibrant and shaking with emotion. It's vivid and real, and oh, he's really-

"This must be heaven," Pietro murmurs, a smile cracking on his lips as his eyes flutter to Spencer.

He moves his head a little to get a better look at his surroundings. He sees Clint.

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