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"You Fucked!?" Felix asked wide eyed almost spitting out his coffee as well. Jeongin slammed his hand over the others mouth his cheek bright red as some of the costumers gave the two looks.

"Shh, I didn't want the whole damn world knowing." Jeongin muttered glaring at the blonde who gave a sheepish smile as the white haired boy pulled his hand back. "Sorry. So did he mark you?" Felix asked earning a small sigh from Jeongin who shook his head, but pulled down the turtle neck he despised revealing the multiple hickeys and some bites that weren't deep enough to be a mating mark but were sure to be there for a few days. 

"Oh my god he fucking ate you." Felix mumbled as Jeongin pulled the turtle neck up. The white haired boy hid his face in his hands groaning in embarrassment.

 "And here I was thinking you'd take it slow." Felix said with an amused smile as he looked at the lady walking up to the counter to purchase a few things. "By the way I heard Seungmin had the baby. How are they doing?" Felix asked earning a small hum from Jeongin. 

"There good, they flew down to Australia for a few days. Baby Han-Jae is adorable." Jeongin said with a smile as he opened his phone and showed the blonde the photo. Felix cooed saying how he looked more like Seungmin than Chan. 

"I want kids." Felix said with a pout as he looked down at the register. "Have you and Changbin hyung talked it out?" Jeongin asked earning a sigh from Felix who nodded.

 "He want's to wait, and of course I respect that Sungie, but I'm worried that maybe Binnie won't want kids in the end." Felix mumbled earning a frown from Jeongin who hugged him reassuringly. "I think binnie will wants kids, he just needs some time you know."

"I know Innie." Felix said with a small smile as he hugged the other back. "I have to pick up Taehyun I'll see you later." Jeongin said as he grabbed his phone making his way out from behind the counter and waving to Felix as he exited the shop. 

Getting in the car he quickly started it before pulling onto the road and heading for Taehyun's school. Hyunjin texted him earlier saying that he wanted to meet at the smoothie shop tp spend time with him and Taehyun and of course who was Jeongin to deny.

With a smile Jeongin pulled up to the side of the school patiently waiting for the small boy to run up to his car like he always did. Turning down his music he looked over when he felt a tap on the door before it opened revealing Taehyun who held a smile on his face. "Mommy Innie." He giggled as he climbed into the car. 

"Tae how was your day." Jeongin asked as he leaned back to help the boy buckle up in his car seat. "Good Innie." Taehyun asked earning a smile from Jeongin who nodded and buckled back up. 

"Are we going to get cake today?" Taehyun asked as he looked out of the window when the car started moving Jeongin shook his head pulling onto the road. "No, but where going to meet Appa and have smoothies." He said with a smile earning a gasp from Taehyun who's eyes lit up with excitement. "Appa's coming?" He asked.

"Mhm." Jeongin hummed watching the road. Taehyun was practically bouncing in his seat in joy a big smile on his face as he looked out the window awaiting to arrive at the smoothie shop. 

Pulling up to the place Jeongin parked the car beside the side walk smiling as he turned off the car and got out walking to the other side and helping Taehyun out. "Alright Tae let's go." He said holding the younger boys hand as they walked toward the smoothie shop. 

Pushing open the door Jeongin smiled when he saw Hyunjin already sitting at a table. "Appa." Taehyun giggled as he ran up to Hyunjin who smiled helping his son up into the seat. Jeongin walked over taking a seat next to the Alpha shyly avoiding his gaze when Hyunjin looked at him. "I'll order, what do you want?" Hyunjin said with a smile as he turned to Jeongin. "Oh uh I'll have a Strawberry and Banana smoothie." 

"I want what mommy Innie's getting." Taehyun said as he looked at Hyunjin who nodded smiling as he stood up. "I'll be right back." He said before walking over to the counter to order. Jeongin watched as the elder ordered their smoothies pulling out his debit card to pay. 

'How did I get this lucky.' 

"Excuse me." A voice said making Jeongin turn his head to meet with a blonde haired girl who gave him a small smile. "You don't happen to know that cute guy up there do you?" She asked glancing over to where Hyunjin was waiting for their orders. Jeongin frowned clearing his throat and nodding. "Uh yeah I-I'm..." Jeongin hesitated not sure what to say. 

"Can I help you?" Hyunjin asked as he set down the smoothies, opening a straw and plopping it in Taehyun's before sliding it over to the boy. "O-oh I was wondering if I could have your number." The girl asked taking out her phone, Hyunjin frowned sitting down and wrapping and arm around Jeongin's waist.

 "I have a boyfriend, and a kid. So I'm sorry but no thank you." He said giving her a smile as he lifted his smoothie sipping on it. The girl gasped a blush of embarrassment forming on her face as she quickly apologized and scurried off.

"Boyfriend?" Jeongin mumbled looking at Hyunjin who smirked leaning over his lips brushing over his ear as he blew a puff of hot air. "Of course. After all I almost mated with you, so it should be official don't you think princess." He whispered seductively before leaning back in his chair a smug grin on his face as he watched Jeongin turn red and shyly sip on his smoothie.

"Inniee I wanna try yours." Taehyun said with a giggle as he looked at the omega who gave a fake pout. "You have the same as me." He said earning a smile from the small boy.

"But Mommy Innie's drinks and food are always sweeter." He said snatching away the strawberry and banana smoothie. Jeongin smiled a small laugh leaving him as he watched the boy sip on the drink. Hyunjin watched the two his eyes running over Jeongin's face taking in every little detail. A smile formed on Hyunjin's face his eye's averting back down on his drink.   

I think I'm falling in love 

/ Sorry if it stills looks weird SJSHJSHJSH anyway I hope you enjoyed :)

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