~Chapter 7~

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Your body ran as fast as it could. It always seemed to get closer to the girl, but in reality, you hadn't moved an inch. It was as if you were stuck in a never ending loop of a single memory. A memory that seemed to be never ending. 

Every time the memory seemed to repeat, it would last a second longer than before. You would get a glimpse of another moment in time that you had forgotten so long ago. And once the memory seemed to have repeated millions of times, the original, full memory was released. 

Your tiny child body ran towards the girl, and quickly locked hands with her. Another small child, with gray hair and gray eyes, grabbed a hold of the girls other hand. 

"Yuki." you assumed that this was the child's name, and continued walking towards where ever you were being taken. You already knew a Yuki who looked exactly like this one, but older. Everything seemed like a fever dream, so your brain had yet to connect the dots. But you could not figure out the girls name. It seemed to be on the tip of your tongue, but the name just wouldn't come out. The girl grabbed hold of your hand tighter, and began to walk faster than before.

She jerked you forward, as a pitch black room came into sight. She led you into the room, and let go of you and Yuki's hands. Throwing you both onto the ground. The girl let out a smile as she stood in the door frame. 

"Wait here." she said. 

"I'll be right back." she said.

But everything that came out of her mouth just seemed like lies to you. Your heart felt like it was getting abandoned by someone you had loved very deeply. You didn't want this to happen. Your small head shifted so it was facing Yuki. You stared him in the eye, as your began to shake. The tears that seemed to start flowing the second the door had been slammed shut, rolled down your face, as you continued to look Yuki in the eye. 

He couldn't do anything to make you feel better though. He couldn't even say the words, "It's going to be okay." because just like you, he was crying too. His tears were coming because of the feeling of being alone, and scared. Whilst yours was because she had abandoned you. 

So there you and Yuki sat. On the tatami mat ground. As the both of you cried your hearts out. Every once in awhile you would try and hold them back, but it seemed almost impossible. You ran your hands through your hair countless times, and the dark room only seemed to get darker. 

Then the dream started to fade. And it was almost like you could see your small self crying there on the floor. You wanted to do something. You wanted to help. But you couldn't, because this was only a dream. 


You slowly began to wake back up again. The light shining down from above graced your eyes, as they slowly opened. Your left hand felt heavy, when you tried to lift it. You wanted to sit up, but it was too much work. So you laid there, and soaked in the light from above. 

You tried lifting your hand once again, hoping it would budge this time, but no luck. The door slowly creaked open, and small footsteps began to walk towards you. A shadow appears first, and then a head. Their gray hair fell down into their face as they leaned over you, and gave you a bright smile. 

"I see your awake, Miss L/n." he said in a hushed tone. You did your best to nod, and he got the message. He stopped leaning over you for a second, and removed the thing that was making your left hand feel heavy. Afterwards, he helped you sit up, only for you to notice Kyo sitting in a chair, with his head laid down on the bed. His hand was only a few centimetres from your, so it was obvious to you that he was the thing weighing your hand down. The thought made you blush, but then you realized that you weren't alone in this room. 

"He stayed there all night." he began, as he tried to wake Kyo up. "He must've been really worried." you nodded, trying not to think about it. It was too embarrassing.

"It seems your fever has finally broke..." you had definitely had started to feel better, and you were kinda happy that you were, the sooner you got better, the quicker you could get home and scream into a pillow.

"I should... probably get ready to head home..." you said as you flipped the blanket off you and let your legs hang off the side of the bed. 

Just as you started to get off the bed, Kyo awoke. He rubbed his eyes and looked straight at you. 

"Where do you think your going?"

To be continued...

(Sorry it took me so long to update >-<, ill try and be more regular with them soon.)

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