chapter thirty-three

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(this chapter is late and quite dull so i am very sorry guys-i put a little explanation at the bottom as to why)

y/n pov

i was greeted with a warm smile looking down at me as soon as the door opened

jin-"are you okay y/n? do you need any help?" he asked

me-"these are yours" i say while returning the smile and placing the pile into his arms

jin-"oh, thank you!" he said as i turned around and began to walk to the next pile

'okay this one will do' i thought to myself while grabbing the next pile and trying to remember who had black

j-hope-"that pile is yoongi's" he said from behind me which made me jump due to his sudden voice

me-"geez you scared me" i said while placing a hand on my chest

j-hope-"sorry y/n" he said while chuckling to himself and then began grabbing more items to continue his task

'so now i'm delivering to mr sleep a lot' i thought while walking towards his room

i knocked once

no answer

i knocked again

no answer

i was about to knock again until the door opened revealing yoongi staring down at me

'how is he grumpy again? i didn't even do anything! it must have been jimin or someone'

yoongi-"did you just come to knock on my door or are you head for a reason?" he states drawing me out of my thoughts as i realised i had just been stood looking at him without talking

me-"for you" i said while placing it in his hands and quickly turning away

i hear a small "thank you" and his door shut so i move onto the next pile

'dark blue? which one had dark blue? it wasn't me or jin or yoongi because we already have ours, it wasn't jungkook because he got the god awful orange pile'

just like magic, j-hope appeared again to grab more piles, i looked at him and then to the pile and he quickly understood what i meant

j-hope-"that one is tae's" he said with a warm smile

me-"thank youuu" i said while skipping over to tae's room

i knocked and waited around 15 seconds for it to be opened by a smiling namjoon

me-"hi joonie! this is for tae" i said while giving it to him as i knew they shared a room and tae was no where to be seen

namjoon-"thank you y- oh hi tae"

i turned around to be greeted with tae's chest in my face causing me to frantically look up and see him giving me a disappointed look

me-"um... i brought these for you" i said slightly quieter before while moving out of the way

he gave me a very small, almost unnoticeable, nod and then walked past me and namjoon into his bed

why was he mad at me?

i haven't done anything wrong!

before namjoon could say anything, i turned to go back to where the things were to grab the next pile

j-hope-"you can go unpack your stuff now, i will sort this" he said while grinning

me-"are you sure?"

j-hope-"of course!" i have to admit, a wave of relief has been rolled over me, i needed to be by myself for a little while

don't get me wrong, i love the guys but sometimes i just want to be by myself to think about things

smiling back at him, i headed to my room where i shut the door and then lied on my bed

i haven't even done that much but it feels as though i have done the absolute most

it must be because i am hungry to why i am so tired, i hope jin cooks something soon

namjoon pov

me-"what was that all about?"

tae-"what was what all about?"

me-"the way you treated y/n"

he simply looked away from me

me-"listen tae, i get you are mad that she got put in danger and everything and this isn't what you promised her would happen but it is what we are dealing with and there is no need for you to be cold to her about it, none of this is her fault"

he looked back at me in the eyes so i knew he understood

we were all worried about everything, food, water and just how we are gonna live but we have to stay positive and being rude to one and other won't help so as the leaderish person of the group, i thought i should sort it out to everything can be better

back to y/n pov

i knew i couldn't just sit around and get too upset about this, i have things to do, but then again i couldn't really help being emotional at this time of the month

luckily that should be over very soon

so i decided not so sulk for once and instead get on with what i need to do



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