Chapter sixteen

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So I'm 2 days late but here it is


Now, my first question was how the fuck he got here in ten minutes when it was a twenty minute drive—without traffic.

I opened his car door and slid in before rotating my body fully towards him.

His arms were stretched out before him with his ringed hands gripping the steering wheel tightly as he watched me get into his car, judgement being expressed clearly on his face. He remained silent so I took it upon myself to speak first.

"Azael," I began, narrowing my eyes ever so slightly.

"Daeva," He replied.

I ignored his use of my last name."What are you doing here," I questioned, squinting my eyes at him suspiciously.

He let his head drop back onto his sleek, black leather head rest, fully turning his head towards me.

"Devon called me."

Thank you, Azael, thanks for fucking elaborating.

I stared blankly at him, waiting for him to continue. If he wanted to use as little words as possible, so be it. Two can play at that game.

"Allesia called him,"



"Alyssa." I corrected him. He'd known her for what? A month or two and he still didn't know her fucking name?

"Idiot." I muttered under my breath. He was infuriating and I really wished Devon was in town so he could pick me up instead. I hated Azael so much sometimes that he made me want to throw both him and I off of the nearest bridge.

He ignored my correction and continued, "Isabella begged me to drive you. So here we are,"

I nodded my head and turned to grab the seat belt.

Seconds after I felt the cold grip of azael's hand on my face, his rings slightly dug into my skin—my head was now tilted so I sat looking out of the window.

"What the fuck happened to your head?" He questioned lowly, I tried to remove myself from his grip, twisting my body to move, but failed.

Normally when someone placed their skin against mine a panic would build from within me but this time, he caused only irritation and frustration.

"Azael get off of me," I grumbled, placing my hand onto his wrists and pulling as hard as I could, he didn't move.

Immediately after touching him with the whole palm of my hand, I felt the ice temperature of his skin as it washed through my veins, I let out a breath.

His car was freezing, so that explained it.

"Azae-" I was cut off as he turned my head towards him, fingers still latched onto my jaw, still gripping fucking firmly.

Our eyes locked together and his dark eyebrows had dropped low as he scanned my face for something I wasn't sure off. If he didn't remove his hand, soon enough him and Valerian would have matching bruises—hopefully that wouldn't come with another banged up head. I think adding to the headache from the alcohol and the headache from the brick wall would cause me to permanently lose my shit.

"Hand," I pointed at it. "Off. Now," I wouldn't ask twice. He could ask Valerian how not obeying me ended. Well, it ended with me on the floor but I'm talking about before that, I made the first move.

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