Chapter 34

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First part of the activities ended giving us, the both teams a tie score

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First part of the activities ended giving us, the both teams a tie score. The tension between the two teams is really tight, both of the teams don't want to lose.

"Change to your uniform first before we continue after you eat your lunches". The personnel announced while the other staff started handing us our uniforms.

I guess this is the last activity that will decide which team will win. I looked at the uniform on my hand that just handed to me.

We eat lunch first then go back to our room to change. When I finished changing, I searched my hair tie to put up my hair to avoid getting on my face. The uniform that they gave us is a sports uniform. I'm glad I brought a long sleeve to layer it with the t-shirts to make myself more comfortable moving.

Yuri and I have the same clothes with long sleeves but different color of shirt since she's with the other team.

"We're late! Faster!". I called her before I opened the door and saw Heeseung again.

"Do you need something?". I asked him calmly.

"Let's talk, Lliana. Talk to me". He said.

I saw how messy his hair is and his clothes look like he really moved fast to get here in just a short period of time that was given to us.

"Let's talk later, for now let's just focus here first, got it?". I moved forward to him and fixed his shirt.

"Promise?". He looks like a gentle bambi.

"I promise". I put my hands to his hair and arrange them then smile at him.

He suddenly hugged me then rested his chin on my shoulder. I didn't move for a second but then hugged him back. I caressed my hand on his back.

"I love you". He whispered right in my ear.

"I love you too, don't think too much. We will fix this". I replied and gave him a peck kiss to his cheeks before letting go.

Just in time Yuri get out, thankfully she didn't saw it. She just dragged me to the meeting place while Heeseung was still there. I simply wave my hand to him and give him a small smile.

The last activity finally started with the instruction first and taught us how we can get through the obstacle course. It is filled with different obstacles that I think everyone can get through.

The game eventually started with the loud whistle indicating the race started. Since I'm the leader I need to go first to guide my teammates.

I run through the inflatable floats in squares that are connected to each other. Once I slip on those objects I will drown in the water. I run fast without stopping to prevent the floats from being imbalanced. When I almost reached the land I saw Heeseung on the other side already landed and started coaching his teammates.

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