chapter 3 (part 1)

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The next day, Hu Tao and Xiao are sitting at the bench in the school courtyard waiting for morning classes to start. Hu Tao was scrolling on social media while Xiao was enjoying some almond tofu for breakfast.

"Hey Xiao look at this, someone edited you throwing me to music," Hu Tao shows her phone to Xiao, "Hehe, it's pretty funny,"

"What it's been less than 12 hours, how did they make that so fast,"

Hu Tao shrugs, "Oh but don't look now, your boyfriend is coming over here,"

Xiao wrinkles his nose, "BOYFRIEND?"

Venti walks over to Xiao and Hu Tao, acting like he didn't hear Xiao yell, "Hey guys, whatcha doing," he says with his iconic idol smile.

Hu Tao puts her arm around Xiao's neck, "We we're just talking about how Xiao has-"

Xiao slaps his hand over her mouth, "No, shut the fuck up,"

Venti blinks in confusion.

Hu Tao takes his hand off of her mouth, "He'll find out eventually, dummy,"

"Well it's not even true to begin with,"

"Yeah, we both know what the truth is," Hu Tao smirks.

Venti awkwardly butts in, "Ahem, um, what are you guys talking about?"

Xiao quickly puts his hand over Hu Taos mouth, "Nothing and no one,"

"I-, um, anyway, I watched your stream last night, Xiao, I thought it was funny when you threw Hu Tao," Venti chuckles.

"Yeah the rest of the internet is eating it up too, it's all over twitter," Xiao retorts.

Hu Tao wiggles away from Xiao's grip and stands up from her seat, "Sorry, Xiao, I forgot to tell you but I have to meet up with someone before class starts. Cya, bestie," she says waving off to them as she runs away.

Xiao bites his thumb, "Dammit, Hu Tao,"

"Is something wrong, Xiao?" Venti furrows his eyebrows.

Xiao looks up at him, he can see the worry in Venti's face, "No, no everything is fine,"

Venti sits down next to Xiao, "I hope so and if anything isn't ok, please let me know, ok?" Venti puts his hand over Xiao's.

He nods and looks down at Venti's hand, he couldn't help but admire how perfect they were. "Your hands are kinda small," he took Venti's hand and held it up to his to compare sizes, he put his other hand under the both of theirs to level it out, "my hands aren't very big, you have really small hands,"

Venti turns tomato red, he just stares at Xiao. Xiao took notice and looked back at him, "What's wrong?"

Venti can feel his hand getting sweatier by the second, his whole body tenses up, and his fingers slide in-between Xiao's, "I'm- I'm- uhhh, just... self conscious of my small hands, yeah that's it!" Venti panics.

Xiao snickers, "baby hands,"

Venti flushed red, he put his hands on his face to try and cover his embarrassment. He didn't know if he liked Xiao teasing him like that or not, "Nooo, stopppp,"

Xiao was awestruck with Venti's embarrassment, he couldn't help but stare at him with a dumb smile on his face.

Venti lifts his hands from his face, "Whaaat, you're staring at me, is there something on my face?" He panicked and started wiping his face of any thing that was on there. Of course there was nothing, but he was still embarrassed.

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