chapter 3 (part 2)

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A couple of hours have passed and Xiao and his dad, Zhongli, were watching Qiqi sleep, closely watching her breathing and fever.

"Thank you, Xiao for getting the medicine, I'm sorry for interrupting anything that you were doing before,"

"No, it's not a big deal, and plus I want to make sure that she's ok,"

Zhongli smiles and puts his arm around Xiao, "You're a good brother,"

"Ugh, you don't have to get all sappy on me," Xiao scoffs and opens the door to leave, "Do you need anything else?"

Zhongli shakes his head.

"Alright bye then," he closes the door and then feels the buzzing of his phone. It's Venti.

Xiao raises an eyebrow and answers the phone, "Hello?"

"Ohhh, hey, you picked up, ehe"

"Why are you calling?"

"Oh, (hic) can you come over here I need you,"

"For what?"

"Just come to Angel's share, I need you, it's important… stop it Kazuha I'm on the phone,"

Xiao pinches the bridge of his nose, "You have Kazuha, why do you need me?"

"(hic), Because I need you and not him, now come over here,"

Xiao groans, "Fine I'm on my way,"


Xiao angrily hangs up the phone and walks towards the front door, "I'M GOING OUT," he yells and slams the front door.


Xiao made it to Angel's Share, he knew Venti drank, but he didn't think that he would actually go to a bar. He walks up to the front door and slowly opens it, everyone in the bar is too busy with themselves to notice Xiao walking in. He walks a little bit into the bar and finds Venti on a barstool, sitting on Kazuha's lap as they drink.

Xiao grinds his teeth and storms over to both of them, Venti notices and turns around to face him, "XIAO YOU MADE IT!" He hops off of his lap and goes in to hug him.

"What the hell are you doing?" Xiao glares at Venti. He couldn't tell what made him more upset, the fact that he was drinking or the fact that he was sitting on Kazuha's lap.

"Oh, hehehe," Venti runs his hands up and around Xiao's neck, "I was getting a (hic) drink with my bestie,"

Xiao rubs his hand on his face, "Are you seriously drunk right now?"

"What, pfftt, no, but come over here," Venti grabs Xiao's hand and drags him over to the barstool, "Sit," he points to the stool.

He sits down and Venti immediately sits down on his lap, not giving Xiao any time to process what he did. Venti wrapped his arm around Xiao's neck and whispered into his ear, "Now I don't need Kazuha anymore,"

Xiao turns bright red, he turns his head away from Venti, but Venti grabs his face and turns it towards himself, "Hehe, you're so cute,"

Xiao tenses up, "What?"

"You heard me," Venti puts his head down on Xiao's shoulder.

Xiao blinks, he doesn't know what to say or do. There's not much he can do now that Venti is on him.

"Ugh, get a room," Kazuha scoffs and he takes a drink.

Xiao clenches his fist and slams it on the bar, "What the hell did you say?"

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