Chapter 31 Tutors

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"I get why Mira was worried, but she could've at least let me help her a little bit."

"What use would you be if you haven't even fully recovered, Loser Homura?"

Homura and Reborn were seen walking around Magnolia. After the battle with Phantom Lord was over, reconstruction of Fairy Tail's guild hall was underway. Homura wanted to help, but after learning about him fighting Aria and Gajeel, Mira was against this idea and wanted him to rest instead. As Homura was walking, he saw two familiar faces waiting for him up ahead.

"Gokudera, Yamamoto!"

"Huh? Boss!!!! Good morning!!!"

"Yo, Homura. I just got finished with my morning run and I ran into Gokudera."

Homura smiled as he looked at Yamamoto and Gokudera. They've seemed to have already recovered. However, he couldn't help but feel that something was a bit off.

"Gokudera, Yamamoto. Thank you."

"What do you mean, Homura?"

"Well, it was thanks to you two and the others that I was able to go fight in Phantom Lord's headquarters without restraint. It was thanks to you two fighting alongside the people at the guild that I could fight without worry. So once again, thank you."

"Boss.....Boss!!!!! You're too kind!!!!"

"Hahaha! Honestly, Homura, you're too cool sometimes."

As Homura, Gokudera, and Yamamoto all smiled together, Reborn looked at them without saying a word. They needed this moment of peace. They were forced to see their own weakness during that battle. It made sense that they would be a bit frustrated. However, that's exactly why he stayed out of the fight.

"They'll present themselves shortly. But it'll only start when Homura and his Family want it for themselves. A chance to grow stronger."

"Hey, since we're nearby, how about we head near my place. We can hang out there, not to mention that dad would love to have some more customers."

"Sure, sounds like fun."

"If the boss agrees, then i've got no choice but to follow."


"This was a big catch

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"This was a big catch. Looks like Takeshi hasn't come home yet."

A single man was seen inside of his shop. As he held a knife in his right hand, he looked at the enormous fish he caught earlier. In a swift motion he threw the fish in the air and quickly sliced the fish into several pieces. As the fish landed on the the plate, the man held the knife like it was a sword.

"My technique is pretty...."

Before the man could finish his sentence, he heard the sound of his shop opening up. As he quickly moved the fish aside, he began to chop up some scallions. When he saw the doors open, he saw his son walking in with two of his friends.

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