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"Namjoon hyung, is this our final plan?" Jimin worriedly inquired as he fiddled his fingers into knots due to nervousness. He's afraid for everyone at this point. He's scared he might lose his brothers and he can't handle it even more if he loses Y/N.

The leader sighed before nodding. "At this point, we'd do everything just to save Y/N from those two. They truly want power within them."

Hoseok comes into the room holding a black suitcase that was filled with what Youngsoo and Junghoon desired. Money is what they want and they'll give it to them. Just to save Y/N and live happily without any interruptions. Namjoon had ordered Hoseok and Yoongi to grab as much money as they can from their bank accounts and they did.

"Just like what I have said, no police will be involved. So it'll be a fair trade for both teams," Namjoon announces. "Bring weapons just in case they ask for a fight, we can never be too sure if money is just what they wish for. We have to be safe." Namjoon looked stressed out.

"We got it Namjoon-ah," Jin replied with a sad sparkle in his eyes. "Hoseok has the money, right? And Yoongi has the weapons?" He turned to the two who just entered the room.

They worked hard just to get money and weapons from different places they could find. Hoseok went to their secret place where they store all the gold while Yoongi went to their hidden underground to say hello to their hostage and grab weapons. Tiredness and worry-filled their veins as they try to be quick in saving Y/N. Her warmth that they always look for whenever they go home after a long time at their work, it's not here.

And they'll do everything just to bring that comfort of theirs, back into their life.

"Yep," Hoseok answered, raising the black heavy suitcase his hand was grasping while Yoongi lifts a greyish bag that was filled with guns and other weapons he could bring.

"I got the guns," Yoongi says in a deep voice but it sounded like a murmur.

Everyone could tell that they were all worried, not only for each other but for Y/N as well. She doesn't deserve any of the things that she's experiencing.

Jungkook sighed as he stood up and take the spot where Namjoon was, standing with him. "Guys, we can't just sulk here. We need to do something to save Y/N without losing anything.  Sulking in the middle of the living room isn't going to help right?" Jungkook asked and the other nodded, starting to have hope that they can do this.

"Then we should not lose confidence that we're not going to be able to save Y/N, okay? We can do this. Remember what Namjoon hyung said that everything will come out as possible as long as we have each other? Isn't that true?"

Namjoon smiled as he was showing how proud he was of Jungkook. "Yes, it is true."

"I can't believe our maknae is growing up," Jin pretends to cry. "Look, he's saying these things to us now." Everybody laughed at Jin's actions and somehow... Jungkook's words comforted them. They smiled, remembering all the words they use to tell the maknaes when they were feeling down.

"We can do this guys." Taehyung smiled, supporting what the youngest was implying. "As long as we have each other, everything is possible." He mimicked what Namjoon said and the others did the same thing as well.

"This deserves a big group hug!" Jimin exclaimed while standing on the couch, only to run towards the others to give them warm hugs.

Small hugs turned into big hugs until the seven were already looking for each other's comfort. Someone was missing in the pool of warmth though. Where is that someone? It doesn't matter, they'll go save that someone and brings her back to a place called home where love and gratification exist.

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