Twenty Three

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"Sam get OFF me." I groan.

"Sorry, sorry. I'm just worried about you. I'm afraid if I turn my back for a second you'll leave me. I really didn't want to leave and give blood."

Sam grumbles and grips his arm sheepishly. Audrey Rose observes this with a keen eye before nodding her approval for him to continue speaking.

"I've lost two moms already. I can't lose my brother too."

"I'm not goin' anywhere," I huff. "How else will I be able to torment you?"


"Besides the nurse says I'm going to be just fine." I clutch my side while I try to sit up.

The boy in me wonders why they didn't just slap a band aid on it and send me on my way.

Audrey Rose nods again, corroborating my story. It's true the nurse had brought good news.

"She's freaking adorable."

"Quiet down. If you keep talking like that her head will get so big she'll never learn to walk."

Sure enough she smiled smugly in her crib.

Just then Ash entered the room and cleared his throat. "Sam I need you to come with me."

"Why?" Sam was hesitant to leave me again I'm sure.

"Emmett is here and I need you with me while I beat him within an inch of his life."

"Liam stay here with. . . Hi baby, hi! I wuv you Audrey Rose. Mwah." He lifts her and starts his sickening display of brotherly affection.

When he finally sets her down I murmur about how I have nothing else to do and no where else to go.

They take my grumbling as affirmation that I'll watch the baby.

Then I'm left alone. . .

"Gah!" I receive a glare.

. . . Nearly alone, again.


A day passed by and I spent nearly 10 hours up in the attic.

I need a shower.

Under the water I try to pick my brain. Where are my winter clothes?

I need to know. I brush my hair and start to dry it once I'm out.

Jacket, closet.

Snoveralls. . . ?

Boots, closet.

Gloves, closet.

I prayed for the snowstorm to let up. I need to go to him. I love him.

Tears fall gently against my cheeks.

"I know we aren't friends but if you do this for me I'll do anything," he pants out so quickly I barely catch it.


"Kiss me," he's frantic now, the shouts are getting louder, closer.

He puts the hood up on his black sweatshirt and pushes me against my locker.

Then his lips are on mine, and his hands are in my hair.

Why did I have to be so foolish!

"Did you sleep at all?" He asks.

"No." I answer honestly. "I'm exhausted though."

"Jesus Christ, Evie. What did you do all night?"

"Nothing really just little things to entertain myself." I reply.

"You have to get some sleep. If I take you home looking like this Brandon might actually land a punch on me." I decide not to inform him that Brandon has seen me much worse.

"I won't sleep, I can't Liam." I sigh.

He stands up, stretches and closes the curtains in front of his window, plunging the room into near darkness. Then he makes for me.

"Scoot over," he demands. I do, curious.

"Now sleep, Evie." He says softly, resting his head in the top of mine

He always cared about me. I was just too stubborn to notice. To self-centered too care.

He had his flaws but so did I. Now he was in the hospital. Stable but nearly stabbed to death. I would be the worst kind of fool if I let him slip through my fingers.

"Brandon! Where are my snow pants!"

* * *

I waited anxiously by the door for the wind and snow to die down. The news said there was a let up and we may be looking at a few more days instead of two more weeks of snow.

I need to get to him. To Ash, Camille, Sam.

An hour later I swing the door open and launch myself into the snow. It's not as bad as I thought It'd be.

The hospital is two blocks up ten blocks right and another block up.

I get to walking. Walking turns to crawling and soon I'm pulling myself through the snow.

"Liam." I whisper. My body losing heat quickly.

The Red Cross looms like a crimson beacon on Somerset General.

I break into a smile and haul ass across the street. My fingers are a bit frostbit but it's worth it.

As I'm crossing a dark car nearly hits me. I step back just in time. It turns into the emergency lot and heads to the back of the hospital.

The closer I get I see that a back door opens. Two people come out.

I duck down, a shivering mess.

"Is that him?"


What is he doing?

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