[Memories] Chapter 11: Good Intentions

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Warning for flashbacks from a particular manga. And I am not sorry.

Two decades ago...

Eastview Academy
6:40 A.M.


Here I am at Eastview Academy, a private institution administered by a private NGO. Don't know how it works but it works.

I've been here for eight years straight. Currently I'm in Grade Eighth which is in the Junior High category.

I arrive early as usual considering that the classroom only has a couple classmates inside, most of them just on their phones playing or listening to their own type of music. But here I'm just sitting on a seat that's been pre assigned to me and such as the others.

Today's the first day of classes so I might as well expect more than a few new faces roaming around the school. But I have no interest of making new friends whatsoever. I have some but they were transferred to a different school or to different classrooms such as mine that I'm currently placed on.

There are twelve rows of seats with each row containing three rows of seats. From what I remember from the student section list, we have about thirty five students for the class so one seat is unoccupied. Might as well be used by the school observers.

All I need to do to survive through this school year is keep to myself and read the atmosphere, never indulge in anything outside of school measures. Otherwise I'd end up as one of those, a damn misfit who is being pushed around or shoved off by others.

One thing came in to my mind though, the one that I'll be sitting beside with. Evie Shouko. Sounds like a girl's name and by that I can tell that she's definitely not from here though I can't tell until I get some sort of confirmation. Foreign exchange student maybe? I'd have to see to that.

Looking at my wrist watch it's already 7:00, class starts at fifteen minutes but yet I got nothing to do at this prestigious school but that's the way it is considering this is the first day of classes. Once I had my eyes drawn on the teacher's platform that's just less than a few feet away from the entrance door at the front, there was a girl. Wearing the school's uniform for women consisting of a white polo shirt, red vest with the school's logo patch as a pin, black leathered closed, low-heeled shoes with neutral colored foot socks, and a charcoal gray knee-length skirt.

For men, we wear the same things as them but with a grey vest, long charcoal gray pants and black leather shoes with black dress socks.

Wow what a mouthful. Shouldn't be hard to imagine how it looks like right?

Her black, chest-length hair that is tied in to long twin braids that's placed at the front. Deep blue eyes and wearing rectangular, black-rimmed glasses. She does look gloomy because of that blank expression though.

Wait. Did I just make a full description of a girl that I don't know anything about? God that was a bit dishonorable of me, but that's just me.

After that I just looked down at the surface of the desk of my chair. Keeping to myself and bothering no one whatsoever while being clouded at my own thoughts.

Until that was stopped by a sudden voice that catched my attention.

Excuse me?

Excuse me?

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