Brother's Friend

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Warnings: swearing but I think that's it. If I missed any please don't hesitate to tell me.
Pairing: Steve x female reader
Word Count: 2,527
A/n: okay guys so I got inspired by these lines in the song 1953 by The National Parks:
Wise words from your father said
"I know that boy's your brother's friend
But I don't think he keeps 'round for him"
I put the song in the thingy above. But I hope you guys enjoy and that you're all are having a good summer!!!


It wasn't uncommon for your older brother, David, to bring his friends around almost everyday. You couldn't remember the last time that he didn't have a friend or two over after school or on the weekend. You grew somewhat close to his friends, not close enough to consider them your friends but close enough that you would sometimes talk to them at school.

There was one boy who David was friends with that caught your eye almost immediately. You were waiting by the car for him after school. You were impatiently waiting as time kept passing. Finally you heard his laugh and you lifted your head to look for him and to nag at him for keeping you waiting.

"Where have you-" your eyes settled on the boy your brother had been walking with. He was tall, his hair was so nice, his eyes were sparkling in the sun. Unfortunately for you, David saw how you were looking at his friend, he smirked slightly and he cleared his throat. You almost forgot that your brother was even there. So you snapped out of your lingering gaze and turned your attention to your brother.

"Where have you been? I've been waiting for forever." You rolled your eyes at David and the knowing smirk that was on his face told you that he caught you staring at his friend.

"Sorry, that was my fault. Coach had to have a talk with me about this weeks game." David's friend spoke up before he could and you switched your attention back to him.

"It's fine. I just wanna get home." You tucked a piece of hair behind your ears and David was watching this little interaction play out. He picked up on your slight nerves and how quick you were to forgive his friend even though if it was any one of his other friends there would've been more playful banter, more sarcasm in your voice. Not to mention that you had been so struck by his friend that you didn't even finish your sentence. He could tell you liked his friend even if you just met him 10 seconds ago.

"I'm Steve by the way. I'm gonna guess that you're Y/n?" Steve stuck his hand out for you to shake, you nervously took your hand in his. That was when your brother told the both of you to get in the car.

The car ride home was quiet for you, at least. David and Steve had been talking the whole time, while you sat quietly in the back. David picked up on this too. You were never afraid to start up conversations with his friends or join in on making fun of him with his friends but, with Steve you were acting weird, he knew it was because you liked him already.

You let out a deep sigh of relief when you finally got home. You almost ran straight to your bedroom. Steve gave your brother a questioning look as you rushed past both of them.

"Sorry, I don't know what's going on with her. She's usually not like this." David tried to defend your actions without spilling your very obvious secret. Steve just shrugged and told him it was fine.

You were laying in your bed, your mind spinning. Steve was so cute, and you were acting weird and it was all so weird to you because you've never felt like this when it came to one your brothers friends. You've had crushes before but, none of them had been best friends with your brother and your brother also hadn't ever known about these crushes before. David definitely knew which made you want to scream. You knew the type of teasing you were about to endure.

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