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I made a promise with someone when I was younger

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I made a promise with someone when I was younger. We promised each other that we would live life to the fullest and never become what our parents are. That person is now my enemy and I fucking hated him with every fiber in my body.

We will call it a mutual decision between two idiots, who never made the decision to stop being friends. That conversation between both of us never happened, we just stopped being friends one day. Well more like he just stopped talking to me.

I looked up at the sky and stared in awe, the birds chirp as they flew out of their homes ready for the journey ahead today. The hues of the sun cascade the sky as the morning broke free. The sight was almost breathtaking.

Sighing I tossed the cigarette butt of the rooftop onto the dead grass. Pulling out another cigarette from the pack, I placed the stick in between my lips sucking on filter. Fishing out my butane lighter I flicked the flame keeping it two inches under the cigarette. I waited till the foot ignite then released the button letting the flame die down.

Inhaling the toxic smoke I kept it in for a couple seconds before blowing it out. My phone rang with the annoying ass ring tone and I glanced at it in annoyance, picking it I swiped on accept.

"10 minutes dark out" they said, then there was silence indicating they had ended the call.

I groaned getting up off the roof and dusting the back of my pants. I walked towards the window and crouched down stepping into my bedroom. I quickly tossed the cigarette I was smoking out my window.

I opened my nightstand drawer and pulled out a couple hundreds. I slipped on black converse and walked out my room closing the door behind me. Running down the stairs my pants rubbed against my thighs and stopped my movement wincing at the burn.

Shaking it off I now instead walked down the stairs and went into the kitchen and grabbed a bagel.

"Avery" I heard dad call out from behind me and I turned around too see him staring at me disappointed.

"Dad good morning" I innocently said.

"Avery you need to quit smoking" he said sternly. "It's not good for you" he added and I nodded my head in agreement.

"Yeah I know" I said in agreement. I really didn't want to quit. Smoking helped me forget, when I got high I forget about everything.I'm a whole other person and I like high Avery, she is way better than sober Avery.

"Okay dad I'm going on a walk, love you" I said kissing his cheek and leaving.

"I love you too" he called out as I closed the door.

I walked on the side walk keeping my head down, my eyes trained on every pebble that I passed. The sky was grey meaning that we could expect rain today. I loved rainy whether, it's always so comforting.

Looking both ways to make sure no one was there I walked into the eerie alleyway and saw them leaning up against the wall, one foot was up against the wall and a hood covered their face.

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