Chapter 27

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Hi guys, hope all is well. Here's another chapter for you ☺️ Disclaimer!! None of the pictures are mine and I do apologize for future mistakes in the Italian language, I am using Google translate and they're not that reliable that's why Xavior's family does not speak in their mother tongue often.


~Victoria's POV
***Three days later***

"Xavior, can we please take a break. My body is about to give up" I kindly ask Xavior who is drenched in sweat with his arms raised in a fighting stance.

"No, baby. We need to train extra hard because I don't want anything bad happening to you" he says in a serious tone. But I can't take him seriously with his bare chest on full display.

The water droplets falling from his chest and his dark curly hair hanging over his piercing, concentrated eyes, giving off a predatory aura eyeing me as if I'm his prey.

Xavior speaks up again which snaps me out of my stance resulting me focusing my eyes back to his sculpted face. "If you can pin me down for three seconds, we can take an hour break."

At the sound of that, I quickly wipe off the sweat from my face and position myself in my fighting stance. Xavior positions himself as well and we begin circling around each other.

The atmosphere is so intense as neither of us know who is going to strike first. I think carefully and observe Xavior's moves to calculate where his about to attack.

Xavior begins talking quick strides towards me, I focus on each of his body parts to see what his next move might be.

I look towards his feet positioning which is indicating that he is about to kick. As his leg lifts from the floor, I duck quickly as I know I would get hurt trying to block his kick. I then slide my leg out to knock him off balance.

He falls with a loud thud and with that I try to get on top of him to pin him down. But it seems that he has predicted my move. While I'm on top, he grabs my arms and uses his feet to lift me up from the waist to flip me over.

I fall hard on my back, causing a great amount of pain to shoot throughout my body. Before Xavior can pin me down I try to push myself up, but he too quick and turns me around pinning me down with my hands behind my back.

I feel him lean down to my ear and whisper "One... Two... Three" I sigh in defeat, but Xavior doesn't let go.

I try to squirm my way out of his hold, but it's no use. "Xavior, get off me. Your fat ass is hurting my back." I try to contain my giggle when I hear him scoff.

I feel him get off me, but his hand is still gripping my arms at the back of me, restricting me from moving around.

Xavior then lifts me up by my waist so that my upper body is still lying flat on the gym mat, but my ass is all the way up in the air.

I try to wiggle, but it just ends up in me wiggling my bum. "Xavior, what are you doing? You won, now take me out of this position." I say feeling a mixture of tiredness and frustration.

I feel Xavior's pelvic area rub against my bottom region. I gasp out in surprise as his little tease sent many shock waves down to my core. He rubs my ass against his man area causing my core to throb. Xavior leans down in my ear again and whispers softly. "I kind of like you in this position, maybe we could try it in the bedroom."

The atmosphere, his body against mine and the fact that we are alone in his private gym is all too much for me to handle, all I can think about is ripping Xavior's clothes off and have him take me right here, right now.

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