Chapter 47- library talk

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Ember sat under a dim lamp in the astronomy section of the library. She flipped through the pages of several books trying to find information for her essay. It was around 8 at night and mostly everyone went to their common rooms.

She had been sitting in the same chair for nearly 4 hours and her brain hurt so bad from the constant flow of information and the need to focus and not think about Fred fucking Weasley.

Ember had barely spoken to Fred since she found the box of condoms in his bathroom. He had tried multiple times to explain to her what had happened but she all together didn't want to hear any excuses.

She did obviously feel like something was off. When she was still with Fred in the bathroom she had a deep small feeling that he was telling her the truth. But then again she couldn't be sure. Fred has many talents and one of them happens to be able to lie like it's the complete truth.

It's been a total of 3 days since what happened. The group has been a bit separate since then, especially George. Ember knew that Fred and George had a fight that night and she knew it was bad. Of course Fred and George fought often, all siblings do, but this time it was taking a really long while for them to make up.

Both Fred and Ember had still been hanging out with the group which seems awkward but everyone had kind of gotten used to them not speaking.

Ember had been trying to avoid thinking about everything for the past 72 hours but it kept creeping into her mind every time she was unoccupied. It was driving her crazy.

She slammed the book shut and pushed her fingers through her hair. She rubbed her eyes and forehead trying to control herself. She didn't want to do this right now. She had things to do, assignments to complete, information to sustain, she didn't have time to dwell on her and Fred's situationship. She just couldn't right now.

Ginny got up from her spot several feet away from Ember and stared at her friend for a few moments. She wanted to go and reassure her that she has this! She knew Ember was struggling but Ember hated being pitied. Ember had just wished to be alone for a while and Ginny wasn't going to step out of line.

Ginny grabbed her things, turned off the dim lamp she was using to read and walked towards the exit. She heard footsteps coming around the corner as she stepped out the door and it nearly gave her a heart attack.

Her brother stepped from around the corner looking in a rush and grabbed Ginny by her shoulders as she jumped in fear from the jump scare.

"Sorry Gin, didn't mean to frighten you", said Fred giving a grin.

Ginny grabbed her chest and laughed. "S'alright Fred. What are you doing?"

Fred flared his nostrils and gave her a look she knew all too well.

Her smile faded. "Fred, no. It's not a good time right now"

Fred looked over the top of her head. "So she is in there then?"

"Fred don't", Ginny whispered pushing him away from the door.

"Is she in there? Yes or no Gin", Fred pleaded.

Ginny sighed. "Yeah okay, she's in there but she's stressing out alright Fred? She doesn't need to deal with you right now. It'll stress her out even more"

Fred licked his bottom lip. "Ginny I need to tell her those condoms weren't mine, because they weren't. I would never do anything to hurt her on purpose. She needs to know how I feel"

"But the thing is you have done things to hurt her on purpose Fred", spoke Ginny.

"But that was in the past. I like to think I've changed now. Don't you think I have Ginny?", Fred asked.

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