C h a p t e r 5

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Here I was in the living room with Mattheo waiting for our friends to arrive.

We didn't talk much and today wasn't exactly nice.

I looked out the window to see thunder all in the sky, it was raining a lot, there was a bunch of rain falling down on the house making puddles all around the mud didn't look pleasing since it was all so muddy.

Then I heard a noise come from the fire place I look to see mattheo's friends.
Just then my friends appear.

"Y/N!!" They both scream.

Mattheo's friends look at us because we were to loud.

"Hi" I said I ran up to them and both wrapped them with a hug.

I pull away to see them with there bags.

"Ok come I'll bring you to my room so we can all change in our pjs" I said walking up the stairs and looked behind to see them following me.

We went to my room and got changed, we were all wearing shorts and a shirt or tank top that match the shorts.

Aurora was wearing pink shorts and shirt.
Blaire was wearing green shorts and shirt.
I was wearing black shorts and tank top.

"Ok what should we do first" as I asked that it thundered again making all of us jump from the loud noise.

I don't know why but thunder and raining is my favorite.
It looked nice at night I just didn't like the mud.

"We can tell scary stories" blaire said.
"Oh let's do cupcakes" said aurora.
"We can also do a makeover" blaire recommended again.
"What if we play truth or dare" said aurora.

"I like all does ideas, we can do them all" I said.


Here I was with my friends.

With a painted face that had a sociopathic smile it reached my eyes.
We all had the same smile.

Apparently they wanted to scare the girls.
I just wanted to see how they would react.
To be honest this was kind of funny.

We were currently wearing all black.
the rest of the face we painted black.
With a white smile.

We put on our hoodies that we're plain black.
We all put it on the hood to cover our hair.

"This is going to be so weird" I said to them.
Really what were they thinking cause this is really weird.

"Oh come on it's funny, they are probably just doing girly stuff" Theodore said.

"What if they are playing pillow fight, that's hot" Lorenzo said.
"If they are can we watch them" Lorenzo question.

"Are you serious right now, you have to be joking" I asked.

"To be honest mate girls pillow fighting is hot" Theodore said.

"You know what just come on" I said we left the room and walked in the hall ways.

When we were walking we saw Draco and Blaise.

"AHHH" draco and Blaise yell.
Are they really scared.

"Hello" I said.
When they heard my voice they seemed surprise.

"What the hell Mattheo what are you doing" Draco asked.

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