Chapter 5

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Your breath shook with every thump of your boot hitting the ground. The leaves and branches were obnoxiously loud with every rapid step you and Tyche took, making your heartbeat even faster. The ground underneath you felt like it was giving in, evidence of the rain that settled in the night before. The plushness caused you and Tyche to slide across the leaves several times, heart leaping out of your chests as you lost balance.

"Stop!" Tyche gasped, her legs stumbling as she slowed, causing you to jerk back. "I can't— my breath." Her hand clutched over her chest, bending over her legs in exhaustion.

If it was any other time, you'd let her do as she wanted, however, the time you had was dire, leading you to correct her posture. You grabbed onto her shoulders, raising her from her crouched position and putting her hands behind her head.

"You need to stand like this to catch your breath," You informed, trying to calm down your own huffing.

Tyche half-heartedly glared at you, her legs trembling at the rush of adrenaline coursing through her body. "Why are we running anyway?" She interrogated, not even thinking of the volume of her voice, causing you to cover her mouth.

"Tyche, you need to be quiet."

The girl rolled her eyes, dropping her hands from her head as her breathing went semi-normal. You clutched her hand again at the sight, pulling her along with you.

"We need to keep going. We can't be here long."

Tyche harshly swiped her hand back, shaking her head. As much as she trusted you, Tyche wasn't willing to just run without an explanation.

You looked back at her, eyes wide and shaking. Now was not the time for this, you needed to get her as far away from the mansion as possible.

"Tyche, I will do that later. Right now we have to go."

With that, you made another motion to grab her hand but she avoided it, taking a step back. "Not until you tell me what's happening!"

Flinching at her shout, your eyes darted to look at the trees surrounding you. When your eyes settled back on her, your heart throbbed at her expression. Her body was still trembling slightly and her posture was tense as she stared at you. You could tell she was frightened and upset, you did take her without any word and ran into the woods with her at your side. Now was not the time, though, because the guards could be searching any minute now. You also couldn't deny the fact that you just didn't want to tell her. It was a shock to hear the news yourself, and it wasn't even about you. You felt like if you told Tyche about the situation she was being put in then it would only cause more anxiety. You wanted her to feel like she had hope before she found out what happened just half an hour prior.

You were headed to Sir Gresham's office to ask about a few more details regarding the event you were assigned. Everything was normal and the event felt like all the others you put on. it was going to be a fairly small gathering of some of the richest families. You were going to provide a food bar and live music, along with a variety of different drinks. It felt like any other gathering, which is why you were caught off guard by Young Gresham's voice emanating from Sir Gresham's office.

"We need to get rid of that creature now."

Your hand froze on the handle at his words.

"Son, there's only a few more days until everyone's here, then it will be gone."

"I don't think you understand." Even through the door, you could hear how Young Gresham's voice shook. "The guards in the Nether have been saying they're seeing a lot of guards looking for it. If this creature is important enough to start a search that big, then we're dead the moment they find it."

Your heart dropped at his statement. It was apparent they were talking about Tyche. So what she did say was true, they did take her from the Nether. This meant they were up to something, something that you probably couldn't fathom. And that plan included getting rid of Tyche.

"Then what do you suggest?"

The son sighed, "We already have a good offer. I think we should just accept it."

Your hand retracted quickly from the handle as if it was a hot stove. That statement was all you had to hear before you turned around and walked back down the hallway, making your way back to your room. You walked like normal to not raise suspicion until you turned the corner, bolting down the hallway.

Without wasting a second, you swung your door open, heading straight to your closet and grabbing the emergency bag you packed years ago with your parents. You never imagined you would have to use it but as your parents said, it's best to be prepared for anything.

You also grabbed the unnamed leather book from below your bed, stuffing it into your bag before throwing it over your shoulder and barging into Tyche's room.

Tyche gasped and jumped at your sudden intrusion, her head swinging to look at you. Without an explanation, you grabbed onto her hand and led her out of the room, rushing into the hallway.

It may have been the shock of it all, but Tyche made no movement to stop, only following you as you made your way out to the garden. The sun glared down on you two just as before but this time you didn't stop to admire the pretty view, taking off down the path and into the large line of trees.


I felt like starting this chapter a bit differently but I hope it wasn't confusing.

Some stuff goes down in the next two chapters so be prepared  👀

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