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...Is what Pietro's shouting at the top of his lungs as Spencer wrestles him back down onto the bed.

Context? There's not much. It's 8 AM, Spencer hasn't slept in like a million years, and Pietro's trying to be a dumbass and take a walk.

Which he literally cannot do. Besides the massive, deadly stab wounds in this guy's chest, there are 3 healing holes in his legs.

So no, Spencer isn't being mean when she summons Hulk's strength to pin this guy to the hospital bed - she's being thoughtful.

"You can't just walk this off!" she shoots back, adjusting her footing to keep his knees locked to her. "You're so incredibly-"




"Shut up!" Spencer shouts, finally, her eyes matching Pietro's. Her hands have his wrists pinned to the mattress. Her hips are hovering just above his abdomen. He struggled a little in the beginning, but she begins to recognize the look on his face - he's enjoying this.

"I can't stay like this, dragă," he pleads. It's a move of a whine, but Spencer just rolls her eyes, not letting him move anyway. The lack of reaction from her causes Pietro's eyes to roll, and he jolts again, trying to shove her off. He lets out a groan when his efforts fail. "If you're going to do this, dragă, you might as well-"

Spencer moves a hand off his wrist to slap it over Pietro's mouth. His eyes widen before they crinkle. 

"Don't even say it," she mutters, glancing at the door to make sure no one was standing there. 

With his newly freed hand, Pietro raises his hand to brush her hair out of her face.

The last two days have pretty much been Spencer and Pietro alone in the hospital room. Everyone else had left on another mission - Natasha, Clint, and Wanda to find James Barnes. Well, Bruce is technically there - he stayed behind to make sure Pietro was doing alright, and mostly because Spencer didn't want to be alone.

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