Chapter 14

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Narrator's POV

Both women turned to the raging female marching towards them.

"Oops looks like I'm in danger," Karma said giggling lowly still looking at the woman marching towards them.

The other female gave her a side-eye scowling.

"So do you two mind telling me what happened here?" A raging Angel asked as she finally stood in front of the two women slightly towering over them.

"So uh, how you doing-"Karma said getting cut off by Angel saying "Don't even try it Liv, now what happened here"

"Gosh calm your tits lady, he tried to outsmart me so I simply tricked him with a bomba activator," Karma said unbothered

"YOU DID WHAT?!?! Liv you know that's the only one we have" Angel shouted frustrated.

The other woman just stood there listening to the two cousins' conversations awkwardly.

"No it's not" Karma smirked while pulling out the hard drive from out of her pocket.

"H-how did you get that? you were supposed to give that to Robert" The woman said in disbelief looking up at the girl in front of her who had a smirk plastered all over her face.

"Your dealers are all untrustworthy, he tried to bomb me so I gave him the fake disc which in fact was the bomb activator we had," Karma said simply

Angel hummed with a look of amusement on her face, "I guess you are smart after all" she said having Aiko chuckle

"Hey!" Karma said delivering a smack to her head with a frown

Their laughter soon died down then Angel took a step to Aiko examining her body spotting the gun shot wound.

"Don't think you will escape easy for shooting my girlfriend Liv" Angel said with a deadly glare

"Oh common how was that my fault?!"The woman threw her hands up in the air clearly frustrated

"Weren't you the one who pulled the trigger?"

"Well yes but-"

"No buts Liv you did it and for that, no video games for a month," Angel said with a smirk while wrapping her hand around Aiko's waist

"Hey, no fair! what the hell should I do then?!" Karma asked pissed at her older cousin

"Babe you are pretty hard on her, I was also at fault here because I know how skeptic she is and I shouldn't have sneaked up on her" Aiko pitched in trying to save Liv

"Mi Amor, don't try saving her she needs to be more responsible at times"

Liv rolled her eyes at the two adults in front of her trying to look elsewhere. At the corner of her eyes, Liv saw lights approaching them from afar.

"Uh- guys I think it's best we get going now" But the adults didn't stop talking to listen to what Liv was saying

"Guys, guys, GUYS" Liv repeated called out trying to get both women's attention

"What Liv and this better be important" Angel turned around looking at Liv pissed

"That's what's the problem," She said pointing to the flashing lights approaching nearer and near to them

"Damn, let's go," Angel said helping Aiko into the car while Liv hopped onto her bike securing her helmet then waiting for both adults to drive away to follow after.

~~~~~~~~~Timeskip to house~~~~~~~~~

"Liv I need you to freshen up and meet me in the meeting room their's some business I want to discuss with you and the others," Angel said after getting out of the car with her girlfriend by her side.

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