Chapter 10

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I woke up to him asleep next to me. I smiled and got up. I didn't want to wake him so I put on my robe and went downstairs to my fathers office.

"Morning." I say leaning on the doorframe.

"Ahh Gen-" he begins before I cut him off.

"You know I just love it when you take off and leave without telling me." I say with sarcasm.

He sighs and runs a hand through his hair that was slicked back.

I look over at 2 of my fathers body guards standing on either side of him.
I give them a look of annoyance.
My father nods his head for them to exit.
They do so.

"I'm sorry. You wanted to speak?" He says, not looking at me and shuffling through paper work.

"Your not even looking at me!" I exclaim.
I couldn't be more aggravated with him and this lifestyle.

He glances up at me in earn of rage.
"I'm having Gino and Liam take you shopping for the Salvatore Ball." He says as he looks back down.

"I have to go to that?" I ask.

The Salvatore Ball is a ball hosted by one of my fathers dearest friends. The Salvatore's. They are beyond rich. The Carreras (me) are close to touching their salary. We sell weapons. They sell weapons and wine. They own a vineyard. But they have a son around my age. Never met him due to his excuses of constantly being "busy". In other words, out killing his families enemies.

"Yes. This will be a good set up for an arranged marriage for you. The Salvatore's have a son 4 years older than you. He's heir for their Mafia and is in need of a wife. And you.." he pauses, my eyes widened, "are in need of a husband." He completes.

My throat begins to swell. There's no way I was going to be in an arranged marriage. I'm already falling for another. Although I've never met the Salvatore's son, I wouldn't want to.

"What if I don't want-" I begin.

"Enough." He says with a dismissive hand.
I see my father look behind me and I turn around to see his guards looking down at me; ready to carry me out.

I turn my head to the floor.
For all I can remember I've always let my father make my decisions. On everything. And even though I had my own thinking, I couldn't come to speak up for myself.

I nod, looking back up at my father.
I suppose it's a duty, when this is your life.

He signals for them with the flick of his fingers to escort me out.

One of them places their hand on the small of my back and walks me out. I turn back around to see them closing the doors on me.

I suddenly feel a tear roll down my cheek and I wipe it away immediately.

The walk back up to my room felt like it took hours. When really it was only minutes. I clung to the railing of the stair case and felt I like collapsing.

I walk back up the stairs to my room where I see Liam dressed and sitting at the edge of my bed, putting his boots on. He's wearing a grey long sleeve shirt that shows the outline of his muscles and navy cargo pants with black boots.

He looks up concerned as to where I was.

"Jesus, Genesis. You scared me when I saw you weren't here. I got word that you went to see the  boss."

I nod. And turn to my closet. I flip through the hangers until I find the outfit for today.

"Are you alright?" He says walking closer to me

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"Are you alright?" He says walking closer to me. Even though my back is facing him.

"Gen." He says as he turns me around by the hips and gently grabs my chin.

My eyes are met at the floor.

He tips my chin up forcing me to make eye contact with him.

"What happened?" He says, scanning my eyes for signs of pain. But my face is numb. I refuse to show him the affliction that has been running through my head all these years and now.

When I don't open my mouth to speak, he pulls me in closer so that our chests are touching.

"Are you not gonna tell me?" He says, leaning down to my level

I fight the urge to cry. This is too much. And I can't drag him down with me.

"There's nothing to tell." I finally croak out.

He pulls away and examines my face.
I look up at him innocently with doe eyes.

He nods and backs away. And that's when I realized the whole time I wasn't breathing. I was holding my breath. I exhale and walk to the bathroom.

"I'll be out here, okay?" He calls out from the chair next to my bed.

I nod and I know he can't see me but I can't combine words right now.


When we finally arrive at the shopping center with all the designer stores and what not, Gino reminds me I'm looking for a gown for the ball.

"I'm aware." I say as I walk into a store, the 2 of them following me.

They sit down at the waiting area with chairs. The car is parked outside with 2 other guards standing outside the store and we can't forget about the driver who also happens to be armed.

When I  walk in, I'm greeted by the fashion designer of the store. Mariana.
"Caio, Signora!" She says as she examines me. She designs dresses for all the women who are married into the mafia and are in the mafia. She makes the formal dresses and gowns including wedding dresses. It's a high paying job.

I smile in response.

"Gentlemen, I can take it from here." she assures as she shoos them out of the store. She's a family friend as well. My father knows her well and so does everyone around town. She's trusted.

Gino nods.

Liam walks up to me.
"We'll be outside if you need us." He says, taking my hands into his.

"I know." I reply.

He nods and walks out with Gino.

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